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Thread: 2010 NFC Championship Game: Minnesota Vikings @ New Orleans Saints

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    Default 2010 NFC Championship Game: Minnesota Vikings @ New Orleans Saints

    And its tk7432 with yet another sports poll for us to decide against. Tomorrow is NFL Conference Championship Day with the winners of both games going on to Super Bowl XLIV on February 7th. This game will be an exciting one as offseason bitch Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings will face the offensive powerhouse of the (Lil Snap's) New Orleans Saints. This game is set to air in the US at 6:30 PM EST on FOX. Who will win?

    Will the Saints advance to their first Super Bowl and actually win 2 straight postseason games in a year? Will this game influence whether we will have to go through one more fucking year of Brett Favre's offseason? Will I actually have something to do when the NFL Season is over? Who knows?

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    Given Farvrevereveres ability to totally choke in playoff games, I want to say it's going to be a walk in the park for the Saints, but I can't. This actually could be a game. But, with everyone healthy I think we will prevail.

    Now I just gotta find a voodoo doll of Farvree, and some needles!


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    Well, I've been a huge Vikings fan ever since I was a kid, but the Saints are actually one of the other four NFL teams I really like (the others being the Chargers and Bengals). So I'm really excited for this one because no matter the outcome, one of my favorite teams will be going to the Super Bowl.

    There's SO much I could say about this game...but simply put, the two teams are overall very evenly matched. The reason why I think the Saints will win is that the Vikings are playing on the road. The Vikings have been horrible on the road this year...their only good road win was against the Packers, who weren't playing that well at the time.

    So I'm really hoping the Saints won't blow out the Vikings...even though I'm dying for a Vikings victory, I could live with it if they lost in a close game. Either way, I think the Saints will win.

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    The pagan, heathens ( Vikings ) vs those of godly, holiness ( Saints ) ? Promises to be a good game either way, but I hope the Vikings win.

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    Well, I guess this game will never end. And I assume Lil Snap's voodoo Favre doll worked in the 4th quarter. What is this, will Favre retire again with his last pass being an INT?
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    Was hoping to see the Vikings bring it home.

    I don't care what anybody says, Favre's still the man in my book.

    When the playoffs started, I told myself that as long as the Colts don't win the Super Bowl, I'll be happy with the outcome. That's not 100% true (I was disappointed that the Colts didn't go one-and-done, and wanted the Vikings to represent the NFC) but I'll have nothing to complain about as long as the Saints beat the Colts and dump Manning on his ass about a dozen times for good measure.

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    The best of all possible outcomes as far as I'm concerned. Mr. "I can't make up my mind" screws the pooch.

    Normally I root for the old guy, since I'm old. Its one thing if someone coaxes you back, like Mark Martin. Its another thing if you play little games to avoid practice until the last minute.

    I don't care about the Saints at all, but I dislike them less than the Colts, so I guess I'm a Saints fan for the next couple weeks. Unless the Blackhawks are playing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valerye View Post
    Go go go saints go!
    Along with my fellow Louisianian Valerye, I am a die-hard Saint's fan. I have been like having Black and Gold blood in my veins all my life. I was so happy that the Saints are going to the Super Bowl after being in the NFL for like 43 years. They are truly champions and they mean so much to the rebuild spirit of my native city, New Orleans! So, all I can says is::


    P.S. BTW...Peyton Manning, Colt's QB, is also a native New Orleanian. But the house down here isn't divided. It's Saints all the way!!!

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    I want the vikings to win.. the saints are too overhyped, they need to be taken down a notch like tom bready and his team did. I would of really liked to see the chargers in it this year too, that would of been great.. they surely deserve it.

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