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Thread: I'm Back

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    Default I'm Back

    Hey everyone.

    I'm back after a 3-5 month hiatus. Not sure if I'm going to post more or lurk more, but I'll certainly be doing one of the two.

    Lots of new faces. o_o

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    Welcome back I guess. I haven't seen you here before but whatever.

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    Hi. Hope the world is treating you well. As you can guess, nothing much changes here, but it's still a good home away from home.

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    Hey there, Estius (a.k.a. Maverick)! And a few OLD faces as well. Good to see you back! Hope it will be more posting than lurking.


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    Dude it's Maverick. I knew i recognized that avatar xD

    Welcome back.

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    Glad to see you are back, Estius. Your new name seems so strange, I am so used to your previous screen-name. Anyway, I hope you post more than you lurk. Welcome back.

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    Welcome back!
    I was wondering where you had wandered off to!

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    wb Maverick! Adisc's No1 Hokey team supporter! (I'm sure adisc can form a hokey team).

    But I glad to see you in one piece, hope you can catch up on the plenty of stuff posted on the forums since your last visit!

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