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    Abena Delta-Form briefs:

    so i was ordering my care of the abi xplus... and decided to order a sample pack of the Delta force at the same time so see what they were like...

    i decided to wear it to bed... not a good idea..
    1) tapes didnt hold
    2) became loose
    3) leaked - doesnt support night time.... maybe its a better day time diaper i dunno....

    just wanted to give my 2cents..

    back to wearing my xplus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or my super!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i been 24/7 for roughly 4 months now...........

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    Can you take some pics of these? How are they different to the standard x-plus?

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    Too bad... I've been wanting to try the Delta-forms as a cheaper alternative to the X-plus (I also like the blue plastic of the medium Deltas). I suppose clear packing tape could be used to secure the tapes, though.

    Are the Delta-forms as thick as the X-plus? If you could take pics, it would be appreciated.

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    I can add a little insight to the Delta. In the last several months, I've been trying new disposables, including the Abena Delta. I've been meaning to review many of them on my blog, but just haven't had time. The Delta is close to the absorbency of an X-Plus. But, like Abena diapers recently, the quality seems to suffer. I have had issues with the tapes on these not sticking well. Also, the diaper material is pretty stiff and not as comfortable. Not one to normally post my pictures on the web, several are posted below purely for a comparison to other diaper brands. It shows me in a Medium Delta from the front view.

    ...and here's another pic from the back view.

    (missing image)

    I am personally moving away from Abena products even though I've been a daily user of the Abena Extra for several years now. The recent changes that occurred this Fall in the Abena line have soured me on them and I think the quality of the brand has suffered somewhat. They're not horrible, but I know there are better products out there.

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    Thanks for the extra input, Spaz. The pics aren't showing up, though.

    By the way--coming from someone who has done research--your sig is hilarious.

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    Yeha i don't see the pictures either but as i have never tried these before either im curious to see what they look like so i know for future reference

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    Okay...sorry that didn't work. I am learning how to put a photo on here without adding it as an attachment. I originally uploaded them to my personal album, but made it private so that's probably why no one could see them. They are crotch shots, but the idea is to show the fit of this diaper on someone. I placed the two photos in the Galleries => Regulars Only, I just don't know how to point you there. Go to the Galleries and search for "Delta" and you'll see them.

    Tygon....thanks for the comment about research. I'm passionate for science.

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