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Thread: How do you "play baby"?

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    Default How do you "play baby"?

    Some people enjoy going all out, wearing baby clothes and diapers, playing with baby toys and watching baby shows, eating baby food, etc. However, some people prefer to just wear a diaper around the house and watch tv, or just wear it to bed.

    So let's take it in this scenario:

    It's friday night, and you have the house to yourself until the morning.

    I want to know, how do you normally enjoy your *b/dlism?

    I normally just put on a diaper, my pajamas, grab my pacifier and stuffed dog, cuddle up and watch tv.

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    Depends on what mood I'm in. Usually I just get padded up, into a sleeper and sit on IRC making dirty jokes :X. But when I'm in that kinda mood I like to sit in my bedroom playing with my teddies, and maybe doing some colouring in.
    My favorite time through is always bed time, I always seem to go into little mode then, snuggling up to my teddy, sucking on a paci, not having to do anything really except nod off and have a good dream :P. If I had someone to read me a bed time story, and tuck me in I'd be in heaven.

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    I do not think of myself as an AB but rather a DL with extras. It is a saturday night 10PM I'm wearing an X_Plus, footie PJs, enjoing some wine and watching Quest For Fire.

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    Well, wouldn't have the house to myself as I share it with my wife/mama. But usually kick things off with her diapering me up. From there it's a mix of playing with legos, having storytime, watching movies, taking naps, helping Mama around the house as much as a 3 year old possibly can, and just enjoying a Mama-toddler relationship.

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    Mostly fantasy based, since I derive most of the pleasure from the feeling of helplessness/ or humiliation its no good getting diapered and just doing stuff on my own, i have to pretend that somebody is looking after me/babying me as well.

    As strange as it sounds my fantasies tend to have story arc's that continue whenever i'm diapered. I have a picture in my head of my fantasy family and I know what their characters are like and even what their jobs are. The stories in my fantasy world tend to go through a few stages. Usually starting off with my body being regressed to that of a baby/toddler, initial resistance to my new life and a determination to still be an adult, followed by a gradual acceptance of my new role as I'm gradually coerced into being a baby.

    I don't get chance to wear very often, but when I do i'll usually wear a diaper + onesie, maybe watch childrens cartoons or whatever my current fantasy entails.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TeenageToddler View Post
    I normally just put on a diaper, my pajamas, grab my pacifier and stuffed dog, cuddle up and watch tv.
    That's pretty much exactly what I do when I'm in the mood.

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    If I'm on my own, this will probably involve diapers, overalls, pacifier, and tons of video games. I rarely have time for video games except in this kind of situation, so it feels very kid-ish to me.

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    I don't so much like playing baby. If I have to be alone and I wanna practice that stuff then I will just put on a diaper and footy pajamas and watch tv or something.

    Generally if I want to feel little I'll go over to my little friends house, and we'll play games and colour and goof around and stuff. She's fun, so it makes it so much super better than being alone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicky View Post
    ^you practice? Haha
    I think they mean practice in the sense that you do it. Such as practicing safe-sex. You're not preparing for anything, you're just doing it. Also, ex. he practices cannibalism. Doesn't mean he's preparing for it, it just means he does it.

    EDIT: by "HE" I meant a fictional character made up for the use of my example
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