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Thread: Molicare Super Plus Review

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    Default Molicare Super Plus Review

    I LIKE NAPPIES! And in my ever eventful quest to find the best I decided to try Molicares .

    I've heard a lot about these on the old web for many years now, and have always been curious to try them. Well I got that chance, Home :: Dorset Nursing Supplies sells them here in the UK, for 15.94 (inc VAT) for a 14 pack. Not the cheapest but well you get what you pay for. Dorset Nursing weren't as discreet as I'd like them to be, the single 14 pack was sent in a box with markings for vinyl blue powder free gloves. Would have been better plain, but they are probably used to dealing with larger orders.


    One word, Good :P. These have tapes very similar to abena x-pluses, same position, and double tapes for repositioning. The tapes are a little stronger as well. The bottom one is double the width of the top one, a good idea and allows you to get a tighter fit round the thighs, with less chance of them pinging off. I prefer the position of these tapes over the cuddlz/tena ones, it just seems to fit better, and the leg tapes go along way to stopping the droop. Its a shame they can't be repositioned easily, the tapes would rip the plastic as soon as they're stuck on. The plastic backing of the nappy also contributes to the good fit, it doesn't stretch very much at all, in contrast to x-pluses which need to be re-taped after an hour or two. One thing it does lack is any kind of elastic round the waist, front and back. For me this isn't much of a problem since I tend to tape the top tight, but others may not like this.


    Again, these are right up there with abenas and cuddlz, they just soak and soak . They are also very good at wicking so the back gets wet before you'll leak. They're as thick as any of the other leading brands as well, which is always a plus in my book. Not very discreet through. They held up past 3 heavy wettings on a beer drinking session, anything more that is asking too much of any nappy really.


    Purple, not just any purple, but a really girly light purple :X. It is a novelty to have a nappy that isn't white, and I don't mind it too much, I just wish it could be darker (like my soul). The markings aren't too bad, I've seen worse, the main printing being double lines and some kind of tree? The only medical writing also forms the wetness indicator, and soon disappears after a soaking or two. The nappy looks pretty babyish in the way it hangs off the bum, and puffs out at the front, and since it doesn't stretch it still looks good after a few hours. The plastic is nice and thick, but still soft, certainly thicker then abenas, or any other brand for that matter. This does make them a little less noisy to my ears.

    These are probably the best nappy I've tried, not by a large margin, but none of the nappies at the premium level are separated by much. The purple still irks me through, if they were white I'd jump over to them from my usual brand (abenas) straight away. Still, as long as you don't look at them too much they're great. Soft, thick, and comfy, what else do you need?

    Again, feel free to discuss, these nappies don't seem to get much “air” time around the disc, so it would be nice to hear peoples thoughts .
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    Nice review, when I get the $ and go diaper shopping I'm probably gonna get molicares.

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    I've had an interest in trying these for a while now. They looked like good diapers, but I'm stuck with storebought diapers

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    Thanks Loopy for doing such a good review. While I don't think it can properly be compared to the Abena on fit its certainly similar on soaking ability. One thing though is there is much more paper pulp than gel compared to the Abena, so it wicks better during extended wear.

    I never liked any of the Abenas I tried since they are simply too rigid, kinda felt like I strapped a brick to my butt. Considering a good fitting diaper is less prone to leak I'm fairly biased to the Molicares. The Abenas I tried actually thought about leaking (came close) since the fit was less than desirable.

    Shame Molicares don't get much air time anymore, Abenas were the second big fad, then Secure X-plus, then before too long the Bambinos came out.

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    Babykitty: have you tried the new abenas? I think they've certianly similar in terms of fit and comfyness now, they seem to be less rigid as well. And they wick a lot better then they used to. I'll do a full review of them later tonight or tomoz :P.

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    Nice one loopy, very well done review. and with pics too! I like that haha, you should make a blog devoted to diaper reviews!

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    you can order them direct @ Hartmann Direct mail order incontinence pads and care products , though i don't know if they work out cheaper.
    i've still got a few of them stashed away, but i'm not a fan of the cut of them. i prefer the Moliflex with a pair of trainer-pants over them.
    nice review, btw.

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    Nice review. I used the last one in my stash a few days ago. Up till then I had not worn Molicare Super Plus in a few years. I forgot how nice and soft the plastic is. I will probably order more.

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    Good job with all the diaper reviews! I quite like molicares, but I'm not a fan of the purple backing. My favourite feature is the exra wide bottom tape. It makes them feel very secure. The plastic is very thin though and I have had them split in the rear.

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    Molicares are my favorite out of any diaper i have tried ...abenas are nice but as stated feel too rigid...

    Bambinos/ Secures are good looking but i can get a better fit with the Molicares

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