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Thread: Chinese diapers we found - Elderjoy

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    Default Chinese diapers we found - Elderjoy

    Me and my partner were shopping at our asian supermarket the other week and we come across these adult diapers called 'elderjoy'. Most of the text on the packing is in chinese so there isnt much details on the pack about them. They are a reasonable price for australia. We found for $10 at another place just today and they come in a pack of 10.

    Anyway, they are crinkly and cute but they do not hold heaps. When you wet them they feel wet. The tapes landing zone has love hearts all over it and the wetness indicator is also lovehearts (as shown in below pics). They fit fairly well and the plastic outer feels a bit cheaper than most, kinda like paper mixed with plastic. They fasten with 2 tapes either side and the tapes are actually really good (they hold tighter than my abena tapes do).

    Overall i would be giving these diapers a 4/5 score, mainly losing points on capacity. They are a cute diaper, discreet due to thickness, tapes are great, cheap as well.

    The pics of the packing are of the M size and the diapers are of the L size.

    Front of pack

    Side of pack

    Rear of pack

    Diaper pulled from pack

    Front landing zone extended

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    So could you stuff them with a baby diaper to boost it's low holding capacity?

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    I have no idea but.


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    Want.... want so badly.

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    Cheaper than Bambinos, and with prints and crinkliness... mmm... interesting...


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    Ship some up to me. It'd only cost a few bucks.

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    They look like they're made in China.

    (though I would LOVE to have one of those if it can hold good )

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lukie View Post
    Ship some up to me. It'd only cost a few bucks.
    I might be able to organize something if you're ever on MSN or IRC.....

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    You know... if they're commonly stocked at that store, you could make a pretty penny on Ebay.

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    Nice thought there Mako but we are already thinking the same thing. On the packing is the contact details of the importer. We are gonna start dealing with the importer hopefully when we finish moving house.

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