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    22 52.38%
  • Under

    6 14.29%
  • Don't care

    8 19.05%
  • What's toilet paper?

    6 14.29%
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Thread: Toilet Paper: Over or Under?

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    Talking Toilet Paper: Over or Under?

    Toilet paper is probably one of the things that we consider as taboo on this site due to diapers being thousands of times better. Over the past week, there have been many Cottonelle commercials asking America about how they prefer in their orientation of toilet paper: over or under? As of now, polls have shown that there is a 72% preference in over/under and that over is preferred to under in 48 of the 50 states (California and Connecticut are under states). Personally I am an over person, but I want to see a poll on this site just to see the overall opinion of the ADISC community.

    This is a weird diagram that also serves as help if you want to tear toilet paper with one hand.
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    I was tempted by "What's toilet paper?" , but I have to go with 'over'. Of course, a good wipe is usually better though.

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    I put it whatever way I feel like. But someone ALWAYS has to change it later and make it under.

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    Definately over, I find it so infuriating when somebody puts a new roll in as 'under'

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    Whats this toilet paper of which you speak?? also why are my hands brown while the rest of me is white?

    but really.. I don't care as long as its there.

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    Where's the option for: 'I don't attach the toilet paper to the... toilet paper holder'?

    I really could not care less about this; I literally could not make myself care any less about it. Over, under... don't care, it's going on my arse either way.

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    I have not used TP in a long time. only baby wipes for me.

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    Interesting. I always wondered how it was "supposed" to go. I prefer under. But I won't be using any until at least noon today.

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    what is this thing with "over" and "under"? Explanations? Is it a physical property only Anlgo-Americans have experienced?

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