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Thread: MW2 Game Night.

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    Default MW2 Game Night.

    So we previously talked about having an ADISC only game night in the xbox live gamertag thread, I was wondering if anyone was still interested in this and wanted to get it going?

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    Eh? I might be, though I suck at MW2. I'm more a Borderlands/Halo kinda guy.

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    Give a date and time (be sure to post your time zone) and I'll be on there.

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    looks like this is gonna shape up to be something fun, What time works best for you guys? and what date?

    I have exams all next week so that's no good for me :/

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    I can next weekend

    Edit: anytime next weekend works for me
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    Ooo, count me in!

    I can do next weekend, (not Friday). Sunday would work best, but I can do Saturday too if thats what the majority wants.

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    Sounds like a weekend is the best time for everyone.

    How about Saturday January 30 @ 7PM?

    I am four hours behind the east coast, I think two or three hours behind the mid-west and one hour behind the west coast of the United States. Anyone care to volunteer to host the match?

    Add me to your friend list if you'd like

    My Xlive gamer tag is XeeAuto

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