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Thread: Walgreens improves their generic diapers

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    Default Walgreens improves their generic diapers

    So about two weeks ago I decided it was time to buy again, and lo, Walgreens has yet again changed their generic/store brand briefs - this time for the better. A while ago before the name change I complained about how they transitioned from genuine plastic-backed to cloth backing, and this still holds true; however they've improved both the absorbency and the tapes to make these diapers at least competent now.

    First of all the package has a small sticker on the front explaining how one should position the tapes for best results. It tells you to point the bottom tapes upward and the top tapes downward, fastening the bottom ones first and adjusting them so that they are about as far apart as the width of your hand. While the "how to diaper yourself" guide made me chuckle a little I think it was a big help because the brief seemed a bit more comfortable and tight when I fastened it this way.

    The padding in the front has also been increased, something that is not often seen in cheaper diapers. The absorbency is marginally better as a result of this, however it still leaked a bit when I hit it with a partial second wetting. I still have yet to try these doubled-up with Goodnites, which is something that works exceptionally well (I'll talk about this on a later date).

    The wings are not made as sturdy as they could be. They still use the cheap faux-cloth that is seen on the outside of the body of the diaper. They do, however, seem stronger than the previous version as I was able to sleep in the same diaper several times and walk around doing normal activities for a bit before the one on the bottom-left finally broke. The tapes themselves are a very sturdy refastenable Velcro-type material that is smooth to the touch but does an excellent job at attaching to the front of the diaper.

    This is also a good diaper if you want or need to do a number-two. When I tested this part it held the product very well and seemed to route it fine, though you should always make sure that when defecating that you do it standing up and make a strong effort to change immediately after the fact so as to avoid severe diaper rash.

    Overall, these are really not bad diapers for the price (US$10 for 20). They probably don't even compare to Bambinos or any of the mainstream adult brands like Attends or Abri-Form, none of which have I had the chance to try. Soon I'll be posting an article on how to properly double up, once the research is finished.

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    Hmm... interesting.

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    They're so cheap too! I bought 80 for $32 (they're on sale now, at least here). The tapes are pretty awesome too, no doubt.

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    Hmm...I might have to check that out. What you say they're better or worse than Depends? Then again to the tune of 10 bucks it's hard to go wrong...

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    I would call them better than Depends.

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    Worth it to go out of my way to find a Walgreens to try them?

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    look up a walgreens online... there's probably one not too far away...

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    A shame, I live basically across the street from Walgreens, but I just can't stand diapers with cloth covers.

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    I can't stand those cloth covers, I have been buying the wally world diapers, they are plastic backed and if you add a stuffer they not that bad.

    But anything is better than a depends, in fact If you don't wear a diaper you will get the same results, it just happens faster.

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