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Thread: Valentine Glo Pop-cifier

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    Smile Valentine Glo Pop-cifier

    Has anyone else seen these candy pacifiers? I was at a Fast Stop store getting some gas this morning and saw them on display at the checkout counter. They're all red with a Valentine notation (different saying on each one), and a really decent size with large, heart-shaped teat. The teat looked pretty close in size to a NUK5. They also light up, hence the "Glo" in the name. Couldn't read the price on the package since I didn't have my glasses on, but the package looks a little like a regular paci package. Thought I'd mention them in case anyone wants to pick one up and try it out. Not sure what other stores might carry them besides Fast Stop type stores.

    Looks like these, only with the teat being heart-shaped:


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    Thats pretty cool, ill look into buying a couple of those to bring with me to my next rave.. im sure the kids there will love this

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