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Thread: Cruisers: The Bottom Line

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    Default Cruisers: The Bottom Line

    I know there are oodles of topics on this but I want to get the majority verdict on the sizing of the US Pampers Cruisers Size 7.

    So, if they fit you, what is your waist size?
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    I have about 32" hip size. pampers size 7 fits but only for fun and pictures, they would never hold more then a few minites unless I mod them to not come off easy. I just make my own baby diaper by printing out cute diaper tapes and adding them to a diaper that fits me well and holds lots more.

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    Although I purchase and use many Pampers Cruisers every day, neither Size 6 or 7 come close to fitting me correctly. Neither does the Size 6 Baby Dry.

    The basic stretch at the diaper top is nearly the same in Cruisers Size 6 and 7. The Size 7 is longer to better fit certain larger active toddlers. Many parents find the Size 6 Baby Dry to be slightly larger that the Cruisers, but Baby Dry are designed for resting and sleeping toddlers.

    In May 2007 the then 11 year old daughter of a good friend and neighbor asked her mom to try the then newish Cruisers Size 7. The girl found GoodNites did not contain her bedwetting which is heavier than average. At that time the girl was 4'8" 80 pounds with hips of 26" Yes, with the help of her mom that girl was able to fasten the Cruiser tabs. The problem was the leg holes were not quite big enough and the Size 7 was not long enough to provide enough rise that the tabs were above the largest part of her hips. Unless the tabs of a disposable are that high, as the diaper gets heavier with urine it will slide down. In bed it will leak to the top and around the legs.

    That girl had the right idea, just the Cruiser was too small. What did fit her was the Attends Youth Brief, which has a classic poly-plastic outer layer and 2 sticky tabs per side. Youth Briefs are intended for hips from less than (<) 20" to 28+" The hip measurement is the most important, since diapers hardly ever are long enough to reach the waist. Attends designed the lower tape so that the leg holes can be snugged down enough for exceptionally slender petite people, yet they expand enough for people with athletic thighs.

    By the way, I convert Cruisers Size 4 as my slip-in disposable pads. They are inexpensive and very soft when dry. As they get wet the SAP gel swells in a most comfy way. They work for me because I am profoundly urinary incontinent. This means I have no control so my bladder voids every few minutes in tiny amounts. That is how infants wet. But the Cruisers designers know older toddlers have some control and void in larger amounts less often. Cruisers have exceptional ability to soak up those child-size floods.

    However, child-size floods are tiny compared to teen or adult typical wetting. This is yet another reason why adult diapers need to be designed differently. Based on what the mother of the girl has told me, that girl was good day control, so probably voids in large quantity a few times each night. Not what GoodNites deal with, nor would Cruisers, which are not designed for use in bed.

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    It is more so a question of how long it takes for the wing bindings in connected to the back (or the weave connecting the tapes to the wings) to break rather than the tapes staying on. Theoretically you could fit with a 38 ish inch waist tops... Considering you prestretch the wings until your on the brink of tearing them... but they'd break if you do anything to move your hips (sit down, stand up, walk, crawl... basically if you move)

    But I do remember when I was 12 or 13 I had huggies size 6 and pampers size 6 and could fit about 5-10 diapers total if I really tried. and I could easily overlap the tapes on a size 6 cruiser. Right now all I have is Pampers baby dry size 6 which are horrible at stretching, but I can still manage them on with a 32 ish waist. It all depends on your hip build.
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    I'm 31" and Pampers Cruisers are downright impossible to go around me unless its a miracle. If I staple two together lengthwise, then I can just fasten them easily up my lower torso. They are the best.

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    I find I can get pampers baby dry around me kinda alright, but after about 20-30 mins the tapes rip from the wing-I wonder if I could fix that with staples or something similar, as I don't like using tape around, makes the diaper feel less babyish x3

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    I have a waist no wider than 32'. I can force a Cruiser size 5 on me, so I'm pretty sure the 7 would go on rather smoothly.

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    I don't think I would want staples in my diaper. Might get poked in all the wrong places.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pamperchu View Post
    I don't think I would want staples in my diaper. Might get poked in all the wrong places.
    If you staple it with the flat part of the staple on the inside you won't get poked :P

    That's what i used to do.

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    I love the Pampers Cruisers size 7's and they fit my fairly well, had to import them to the UK (See my page for details). I can stay in them for about 45 -50 mins before I start wanting to take them off. I really just use them to unwind a little and they are great for stuffers too. I just wish that they still had the netting style liner in them like the UK version of the Pampers Active Fit, I use the size 5+ and the Cruisers are slightly bigger (A good inch longer).

    They are great in the shower, If you can get the tapes to fasten well enough. They'll hold a good amount of water and its kinda fun once they start to bulge and get squishy. The weight of the soaked diaper makes it feel like its about to slip down all the time, but the tapes may brake without warning.

    Little advise about this, especially if your living with others that don't know/want to know about your AB/DL. The Diaper will of course be leaky and dripping a lot as it is over full. The Diaper will also be over 10 times bigger than the packed size, so this will make it harder to get rid of easily. But if you can get away with this, it is a lot of fun.

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