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Thread: Something I found Very odd and Intresting.

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    Default Something I found Very odd and Intresting.

    Well im talking with one of my non babyfur friends and im thinking of telling him my tru fursona that is Kokuei. But i was kinda worried that if he typed my name in google one of my commissions would pop up in the image catagory.

    So i type in Kokuei and get nothing. Then I think what if i put diaper after it...

    and i got two pic results. VERY INTRESTING

    One was something Random. the other was the ADISC Home Pic on the top Left of the screen.

    so i though Hmmm thats weird. but i tried some of the usernames on here.
    (note. i have no Filter on. Just incase)

    it Showed up when i typed: <username> diaper . into google image

    Kokuei - first image
    CuteGaaChan - 8th image
    MaryBush - 2nd page 4th image

    then wondered if more would come up if i tried a staff memeber cause their name should be involved a bit more with the site. so i tried Dannytheninja.

    Well danny your name +diaper into google image gets you.... 1. picture from a video you made?(it links to it) on how to stuff an adult diaper // 2. A picture of a Bambino Classico that leads to ADISC wiki //3. anohter link to a different site with your vid from 1. // 4. another link to the first site // 5. a link to a post you made on ADSIC about a teen onsie at Tesco

    Now i know this is stupid and random as hell. but it was something i just came across and simple things amuse simple minds. and with how tired i am after today my mind in thinking VERY simply.

    So ends my rant of the newest "shiny thing" to catch my attention

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    Go me, number 8.

    I'm so awesome.

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    I tried that a long time ago, though I just tried various names and adisc, which seems tame. But if someone knew about adisc, and knew your screen name, it could be a lot to explain. I got a kick watching myself come up.

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    yeah i found myself on google but im not worried about it

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    I google image'd my username and got this. (Image uploaded on photobucket cuz the original site I found it on wouldn't hotlink.)

    Man, I feel cooler now.

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