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Thread: Is it bad of me to think this?

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    Default Is it bad of me to think this?

    Well my friend just broke up with her boyfriend. And so far, I kind of like it, for the past 2 days I have talked to her 4 times. That used to be my total out put for the week (M-F) Now I am outputting that in just 2 days. The way I have been analyzing it, I will be outputting conversation with her at an increased 300% a week, which I love.

    But my delemia here is this, I only thought this once, what I thought to myself was "I sort of like this, I can talk to her a lot more now). Trust me, I like nothing more than to see her happy, which in the past I have given up talking to her on a daily basis, just so she could talk to him(this would occur when I saw him approaching her, I would either not say anything to her, or just be like "never mind, I'll tell you later).

    So, is it barbaric of me to like her not having a BF, so I can benefit from it? Essentially I thought of it as me capitalizing on others misfortune and sorrow. I am a capitalist and in the business world I love to capitalize on sorrow, but for a friend, I just thought of myself as a monster for liking that.

    Am I barbaric for liking that?

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    When you say "outputting" conversations with her, it almost sounds like you are de-humanizing her, it's a little weird.

    I wouldn't say you are being 'barbaric' or anything, heck, everyone likes getting attention form somebody. But if you like her more then just friends, don't try to jump on anything to quickly. It would be pretty low to take advantage of her unfortunate situation, so its probably better to just be there and comfort her for now.

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    I DO NOT like her as more than just a friend, i only want to be friends with her. by outputting, I was coming off of an economics high(studying AP Econ) so I was still in econ mode, but I mean I am increasing my production of conversations with her. Not meant to de-humanize her, just my language i was in at the time.

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    ^Sorry, I didn't mean to assume that you liked it, I guess I should have mentioned that. Like I said, just try to be there for her if she's having a hard time.

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    But I am worried, I am her friend, i truly am, but it seems bad of me to capitalize off of her sorrow, by which i mean me liking that I am talking to her more now than when she was with her boyfriend. This is what is concerning me. Has anyone else thought this way before with one in a similar case like this?

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    Well, judging by your threads, you're single and kind of lonely. I think it's human nature to like it when others share your misery.

    Wow, that sounded more harsh then I intended.

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    No it's ok, it isn't that harsh. I get what you are saying. I don't enjoy to see her miserable, in fact It makes me sad. I just like the fact that I am able to talk to her a lot more now that she is single. Is it bad of me to like this though?

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    I kind of sympathize for you, actually.

    I used to really really like this girl, and she really just didn't want to date me. I have since moved on, and now I'm incredibly happy with my girlfriend. I have since become pretty good friends with the first girl, but I stilll get kinda happy every time she has some sort of relationship issues with her boyfriend at the time. Oh well

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    Yes, it's wrong.

    Is it human though? Yes.

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    I am not happy that her relationship failed, but i am glad that her time in between classes has freed up, which enables me to talk to her more often.

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