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Thread: Contemplating making the plunge.

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    Default Contemplating making the plunge.

    If all goes right for me, my financial aid will come through, and I will become a FT student starting in the spring quarter. When that happens, I will quit my PT job and spend my time really hitting the books. (I can make ends meet on my SSDI alone with plenty left over, the money I make at the PT job is essentially just extra.)

    So, I am contemplating making a major change in my life when that time comes, seeing as employment will no longer be an issue for quite some time after this starts.

    I am contemplating wearing 24 / 7, and making that plunge.

    To me, diapers are much more about sensory comfort than about sexuality. I can wear tightie-whities comfortably, but only if they offer a fraction of the enclosure around my diaper area that a diaper does (boxers just don't do the trick for me).

    The only thing that would possibly hold me back at that point would be my daily exercise routine. I suppose I could purchase some cloth-backed and relatively discreet diapers for that purpose, though, so it won't be as harsh.

    I do recognize that this will be a major financial step, as well, and I have not come up with the numbers I need to know to make an educated plunge into this area yet (but I most certainly will be doing that before I dive right in).

    My parents (and especially my mother) will most likely freak if they ever find out - but seeing as I am trying to create some distance between me and them the way things are now (they inflicted a LOT of trauma on me over the years, after all), it most likely won't get to the point where they will find out.

    I am weighing the "pros" and "cons" at the moment. And giving myself time to think it over. Which is what anybody should do before doing something this major, after all.

    So, there you have it. I'll have less money to spend on video games - but then again, I'll also have MUCH less time to play video games when I am a FT student, so that will probably even out in the end.

    I hope this post does not come across as being too terribly unreasonable or foolish. Incontinence is not my goal, BTW, but a constant state of sensory comfort and heightened state of emotional security is. I would feel (and have felt) incredibly uncomfortable wearing in an employment situation where I have to deal with customers (for obvious reasons), but I already am very uncomfortable in such a situation to begin with. Dealing with customers is just not what I am wired to do. Heh.

    So, I have read the articles in the Wiki regarding this, and am still thinking it over. More input would always be nice, though.

    Take care, and thanks for reading!

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    I say why not

    I am also a full time student.

    and currently I spend most days totally diapered, only removing to go to work (only 1 day a week) and workouts (I have a personal trainer, so that won't work). other than that every night, and every day ...diapers

    I have financial backing so money is not a big issue, I can even afford to wear bambinos at night.

    I have been wearing every day now for 5 months, enjoying it so far.

    BUT I don't mess, so i am not a "true" 24/7 person.

    plus I am planning on telling my parents, so I can contimue to wear at home

    but yea, i think you will enjoy it. I know I do :-)

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    You can save money by buying diapers on e-bay... There is usually some good deals.

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    I think a good way of testing the waters is by doing it for a week, or a month, and seeing how you like it.
    I still can't really go out in public much in a nappy, and thats holding me back from doing 24/7 this week, so I couldn't do it all the time :X.

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