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Thread: Annoyed at my padding

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    Unhappy Annoyed at my padding

    So Last nite I put on (had put on me rather) a good night time diaper...made of :

    1 Pampers
    1 Depends max
    1 Secure X Plus

    it leaked after 2 wettings...any idea what is going on here?

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    Not absorbing quick enough maybe? Plus if its too thick then it creates a gap between the leg gathers and your body, which leaks real easy.
    For me, 2 Abena x-plus's work but 3 suck. Just because its so thick and leaks from the sides.

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    I currently use 2 diapers at night a Molicare super plus and a Abena X-plus along with my rubber pants and I do not have any leak problems and this is wetting multiple times in a night.

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    Yup, like loopy said, there might have been an issue with the leg gathers. Have you ever tried stuffing the Secure X-Plus with a Pampers size 7? Pamperchu has an awesome thread on that, and it probably wouldn't affect the leg gathers like regular layering has the tendency to. Also, you might want to make bigger holes in the Depends if you're not making very large ones. Just shank it, but don't shank it too much.

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    I honestly find that the best way to get the first layer to leak through to the second easier is to cut horizontal lines in the diaper every inch or so, so that the padding stays in but there is still plenty of space for the liquid to move through

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    Try using Abri- let maxi booster pads, each one is about as thick as a Depends.
    I would try two booster pads and an Abri-form x-plus original, but you can always use the extra protection plastic panties provide. Try for Hi-back plastic panties. Also were a onesie, it will everything tighter and make them absorb better.
    Last edited by quishydiaders; 20-Jan-2010 at 01:05. Reason: I forgot to mention the onesie.

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    Diapers absorb more slowly the second wetting. So if you pee too fast and the first layer is already saturated, it can easily flow out the sides before getting through to the next couple layers.

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    My super thick diaper in cake order (bottom is me, top is outside) is depends booster, 2 abri x-plus soakers, 1 medium abriform x-plus w/ cuts about every inch, 1 depends large. The key here is that the depends is larger so it catches anything that leaks out the edges and does a good job keeping against me. In fact it gets wet a bit even after the very first wetting, but nothing leaks out since it is tight against me.

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