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Thread: bambino back shot

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    Default bambino back shot

    I was wondering if someone could post a back shot of the bambino classico? I've seen many pics of the front, but I'm curious as to what exactly the back looks like. Thanks!

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    It's just plain white. What else are you looking for? = /

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    Here's one I just found on daily diapers product reviews: (Just a note: so not me in that picture!)


    Will that do?
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    In the next week or so I'll be reviewing Cuddlz (UK version of Bambino) and ABU so I'll put a back shot on for you then :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by thanksforallthefish View Post
    I liked my life before seeing that

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    Apologies. He asked for it, and you probably should have expected it after seeing the title. I'll change it to spoiler tags.

    In that post however, I do think my signature was quite appropriate. Cor blimey indeed.

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    those are actually the older style of bambino with the blue waistband (i think it is hard to see under those love handles)

    this is what the newer ones look like (this is actually a photo of me)
    I will still put it in spoiler text though

    so yea, plain white, not much going on there really

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    Thanks guys! Reason I asked is because I say a pic of them from the front and saw the blue waistband (which I guess is an older style now?), and I was wondering if their was a waistband in the back and what it looked like. Thanks again!

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    ^Yeah, it has a front and back waistband, both of which are now completely WHITE.

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    I don't get why there is such a big deal about the pic. At least it ain't a crotch shot, which would just be sick.

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