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Thread: Girlfriend called me a "Big baby"

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    Default Girlfriend called me a "Big baby"

    I just started dating this girl, and she called me a big baby! If only she knew
    It was because I like to rest my head on her and cuddle.
    I don't mind her calling me a baby, it's actually quite nice . But I'm not going to tell her about my interest in diapers anytime soon.
    It's been a long time since I've been with someone and I don't want to lose her. This ever happened to anyone else without significant other knowing about AB/DL?

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    ...Have you posted an introduction first? We would like to know a bit about you.

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    I haven't been called baby much, in any context. Have you been having tantrums at all?

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    Hmm I get called a baby by my girlfriend. She sometimes even expresses an interest in wearing diapers.

    Wait a minute I told her.......

    Remember guys be confident be straight and be clear it is a part of your identity.

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    I had a guy from school tell me he was going to use the Men In Black memory eraser pen thing to make me think I was a baby. He went into detail too and I couldn't stop laughing so he kept explaining it more and more. He wasn't that funny, but what he said didn't sound at all bad to me which was what made it really funny.

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    I'm not sure but I think being called a big baby can either be affectionate or a hint that it's not cool. But you know your own context.

    There was a time when my boyfriend (now fiance) didn't know about my desire to wear nappies. We went for a walk one day and a large safety pin fell off my person from somewhere. (I used to pin patches onto my bag, going for a punky look.) He picked it up and gave it to me saying jokingly, 'Is that for your nappy?' I think I smiled in my mind.

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    Alot of people when they hear Im the youngest in my house they sometime says so you are the baby of the house or something similar, I just awkward laugh it off getting reminded of being a TB. If they only knew :P

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