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Thread: Belated but ya know whatever.

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    Default Belated but ya know whatever.

    Sooo... I was with the forums back when it was still, then after we switched to adisc I slowly just stopped coming to the forums. Now about a year later I've started to become more active here and I guess I should introduce myself because nobody probably remembers/knows me that well, but I believe I joined sometime soon after turning 13 so I guess I've been with "this" forum for a few years now.

    So.. right.. Interests... Uh. I like sports, or anything athletically challenging I guess. I like video games, particularly cod4. I like to sail, and teach people how to sail in the summer. I have brown hair.

    Fetishwise I'm pretty open. I started out liking diapers and TB(AB)/DL stuff, and is my main attraction. But I started getting into other stuff to, but it really depends on what mood I'm in... baby/sissy/dl/sub/dom etc.

    I have stopped growing, and am exactly 69 inches tall.

    On TBDL I was "The the the" <-- thoughtfull username huh? . and I believe I changed my name somewhere along the lines to "Conrad" and now "Raad" (Because usernames have to be 4 letters :P

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    Welcome to ADISC! Hope ya enjoy it here and our supportive community! Peace and Love

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    Welcome back, Though I have never known you really well
    You say you like cod4, do you like cod6 too?

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