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    I am shocked to see the message "No similar threads found. Go ahead and make one!" so either it must be called something else or it is not available any more...

    but does anybody know if it is possible to get them any more? :\ I sorta never got one before and now I am like "wait I want one!!!!" ** giggles ** they were hard to get back along time ago but for a little bit you could get em on ebay and stuff if I remember...

    anybody remember em or know where I might find one????

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    The Nuk 4's were also called the "Maxi trainer" I believe, I could be wrong, don't kill me xD

    Anyways they got discontinued a few years back and I think they may only be available in German. Peachy might be the guy to ask about that!

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    I've seen nuk4 refer to the medic pro small size, which is in production and can be bought from

    If you mean the maxi trainer, no they're not currently in production, although you might find something on ebay.

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    you can make a cute colorfull nuk5 by using the nipple from a nuk5 and the color shield from a nuk2 or 3.
    its not hard to take them apart and back together.

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    What the AB community calls the "NUK 4" - i.e. the pacifier with the colorful shield and handle and the nipple that's larger than a normal NUK 3 baby pacifier - has been out of production since roughly 2006. THe official name for it was "Maxi Trainer", as someone else already mentioned.

    That only leaves you with the "Medic Pro"-series of NUKs - the white ones with the bigger nipple. They come in two sizes - size "L" and size "S". Most people want the size "L". The AB community calls them "Nuk 5".
    Strangely enough, in the German pharmacy system, they're called "Nuk Pacifier Size 4", as evidence by the receipt of my last purchase: confusion?

    Still - what you'Re looking for: Colorful pacis with a larger nipple - isn't made any more by NUK. Your only chance is to modify the pacis yourself, or buy one from an AB store.


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    Yeah, they don't make them anymore. If you don't have a nuk5 already, I can understand. When you see the pictures on the internet, they look pretty big. They're actually perfectly sized IRL, which I was surprised to find out, because they looked HUGE on the internet.

    If you want a colourful paci, though, modifying isn't that difficult. Button pacis work the best for that, and if you want super cuteness, take a look at the Avent ones. A few have little animals on them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sketchy View Post
    what are nuk4's or nuk#'s?
    Nuks are the brand name of orthodontic (flat nipple) pacifiers. The number refers to the size of the nipple and guard.

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