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Thread: What does MLK Day Mean To You?

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    Default What does MLK Day Mean To You?

    Today in the United States, we are celebrating Martin Luther King Day to commemorate his life in his efforts in Civil Rights in the United States and his influence that continues onto this day. I am posting this because I want to see a feel of what this day means to you. Deep Meaning? True Effort? A Day Off from work/school? To me, I can understand his life and his achievements but as a hispanic I still feel his efforts to equalize the country for all beings and whatever it amounts to his history will always be known for his contributions to Civil Rights as a whole and this contributions to the now National Day of Service today and how his day related today with the masses of volunteers in the cause for Haiti. Realistically speaking, what does this day mean to you?

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    I respect immensly everything he tried to accomplish, and everything he succeeded in accomplishing, as well as everything he stood for.

    But to be honest, this day doesn't mean shit to me personally except a day off. And that's the truth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Higher Than Hope View Post
    I respect immensly everything he tried to accomplish, and everything he succeeded in accomplishing, as well as everything he stood for.

    But to be honest, this day doesn't mean shit to me personally except a day off. And that's the truth.
    Couldn't have worded it better. Though my day off is always killed by wrestling at 6 am in the morning

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    Day off, MLK did good things in his day but today is a day to get caught up on housework and choose a topic for this semesters history thesis that has to have something to do with the church in the 1933 to 1945 Germany era. I'm thinking the religious aspects of the white rose or perhaps The Barmen declaration.

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    MLK day brings back a lot of memories for me. When I first went to college, one of my really good friends was African American. One night we went to an all night diner, a truck stop on Rt. 1. When we were sitting there and waiting to get our food, the white truckers came in a started giving us dirty looks, dangerous looks. I said to my friend Erik, "Why are they looking at us like that?" He said it was because I was white and sitting with someone who was black.

    My mom was a person who didn't tolerate prejudice, maybe because my dad was half Lenni Lenape Indian. Anyway, I grew up not even understanding race until I got older. Ironically, when Martin Luther King was murdered, they called upon Westminster Choir College to be the choir at his National Memorial Service which was in Central Park, NYC. Leopold Stowkowski conducted the American Symphony and we sang as the choir. So I sang for MLK's national service. I've often looked for pictures or video footage on the net, but I've never found any. If you should find any, I'm front in center with the men, long hair across my eyes.

    It was a windy day, and Maestro Stowkowsy had long white hair which blew away from his head. Security was unreal that day, and as we sang, we could see a man from far off carry a long box. Slowly he was getting closer and closer to us. Just as he got up to the orchestra, police accosted him. He opened his box and there was a trombone. He was one of the trombonists, and late. Stowkowsky had a big grin on his face. It was a day to remember.

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    A day off work, music, good food, and celebrating with my black homies.

    I'm serious, too.

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    To me MLK reminds me of the awesome capacity of people to love one another. So much that they would die for people they don't even know.

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    Well, it was supposed to be a day off for me, like many others here, but I still went to work. I'm a bit behind, and am pretty thankful for the extra 'weekend' time to start getting caught up.

    Also, the work I do (including school) is devoted to equity and social justice. For me to sit around and do nothing on this day would be kind of ironic.

    Still...I enjoyed having the place pretty much to myself.

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    The awesome ability of hope. The beauty of rhetoric. The triumph of imagination. We can create a more perfect union.

    It also reminds me of the vastness of the Civil Rights Movement - of the public leaders and the private struggles borne by people that far outweighed the leadership.

    Just remember this during MLK day: the Montgomery Bus Boycott happened through vision in public and through the determination of blacks and WHITES to break through hatred. There are many great stories of black maids getting to work simply because their white employer would pick them up during the boycott.

    MLK day is a time to recognize the collective triumph of the human spirit.

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