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Thread: Cosplay what should i get?

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    Default Cosplay what should i get?

    iv been probebly been watching way too much anime lately but i want to get a cosplay out fit. anything will do and the outfit that gets mentioned the moste i will try to get. btw i have already did sephiroth (like who hasn't) but thats just to give an idea what i look like,but my hair is not that long (nipple length). so surgestions plaese?

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    well, what do you wanna cosplay as? do you have any ideas on what you'd wanna do? what's your favorite anime?

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    ...This has little to nothing to do with roleplaying.

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    agreed... but im all for cosplaying.. i personally try ones that have very simple costumes, mostly because i dont kow the first think about tailorcraft.

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    Code Geass, DGray-man, Elfen Lied, Haruhi, Hellsing, Lucky Star, Ouran Host Club, Rosen Maidon, Shuffle!, Yu-gi-oh or any common theams that is in anime (lolita made outfit for e.g.)

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    Do you think you'd have the neccessary time and materials to make a costume for Elfen Lied, Hellsing, DGrayman, Ouran Host Club, YugiOh, or LuckyStar? I'm a sucker for cute costumes :P But it's seriously up to what you wanna do and whether you'll have the time and resources neccessary to make a costume for a convention.

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    If you have the cash you can buy a costume.

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    so thats one for the school girl out-fit ... hmm ill need to get some make up to for that

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