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Thread: Veterans, Active or Reserve service members sound off!

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    Default Veterans, Active or Reserve service members sound off!

    Just would like to get an idea on who is or has served in the Military and what branch and how your experiance was.
    For me I served four years in the US Navy as a Machinist Mate 3rd class. MM3. Onboard the USS LaSalle homeported in Gaeta Italy. Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom in support of the Sixth Fleet flagship. I though my time was meh. I was an engineer so I spent most of my days in the P2 engine room. If I wasn't on watch I was helping to fix things that were breaking down all the damn time. During the war we had multiple equipment casualties resulting in us having to constantly repair just to keep us underway. I went two and a half weeks rotating on watch, equipment maintenance, eating, showering, sleeping (rarely). I would not do it again in the future.
    Enough about my crap, how about everyone else????????????/

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    Currently National Guard as a combat medic. Might get deployed this summer. So far 1.5 years in.

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    USMC, back in the mid 80's, so before anything really public happened. I signed-up after the barracks in Lebanon were bombed, out of patriotism, and to test myself (If I could become a Marine, then I knew I could've graduated from any of the other Service's Boot Camps. Not trying to brag, is just the way I thought). I spent my time Stateside, in Training, before two injuries took me out, and I had to accept a Medical Discharge.
    I loved about 95% of my time in the Service. Sure, there was a lot of shyte going-on, but after the way I grew up, being yelled at and the physical demands were more about how much 'I' wanted to achieve and learn, than anything else.
    If I could've Healed, I would've made a career out of being in the military. I enjoy the discipline, and even the chow! heh heh heh

    My only word of advice/recommendation to anyone considering this Path is-

    Once the Govt. owns you, it OWNS you. You are now subject to its Laws (UCMJ), and Policies. And as for the policies, I think they're really messing-up operations overseas. I do not support anyone becoming the President, who did not FIRST serve in the military. I just have a serious problem with a CIC who never wore the uniform, or volunteered to put their own lives on the line, yet command many thousands.

    If you DO decide to join, then do your homework, and go in with a SIGNED Contract, that clearly states what your M.O.S. is going to be! If you go 'Open Contract', well, I hope ya like what they give you!? lol

    To all who served, are serving, and/or WILL Serve!


    Just my .02 worth!


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    I spent 6 years in the Marine Corps and 14 years in the Army. My only combat tour was in Beirut from Oct 82 to Mar 83 on board the USS Inchon LPH-12. I worked on CH-46 Helicopters(like the one I use as an avatar) at the time. When I joined the Army I was in Air Defense Artillery. I would never trade the time I spent in the military for anything at all. As for boot camp there is and never will be anything like the 12 weeks I spent at Parris Island SC in the summer of 77.

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    My TOS was between 25MAR09 and 28OCT09. I shipped to pre-iet for the pa national guard (RSP) on 02JUL09 and shipped to Ft Sill 07JUL09. Basic training sucked to start but as time went on i started to enjoy a lot of the things i was doing there. For once i took real pride in my work. That ended about week 7 when my foot started killing me. Best i can figure I broke it on a ruck or jumping off the high wall at COC. The Army didn't care though, used a tuning fork and an x-ray to tell me i was full of bs and proceded to march me on the 15k and 6 PT tests.
    When i got home i saw a foot dr and he did an mri after about a month of steroids and being in a cam boot. Once he saw the x-ray he told me that a 1st year med student could have seen that i had done something to my foot. Im just getting into a shoe again which is a good thing. The above being said though if I could do it all again I would do it in a heart beat... everything except for the CBRN course and the 15k in new boots that is.

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    Working on 4th year in the Corps myself. Just your run of the mill supply guy. We've got everything but anything.

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    wut wut

    Permanent Party, Alpha Co, 1st Battalion, 330th Infantry

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    USMC, will hit my four year mark in July, currently a Huey/Cobra engine Mechanic, and I'm Lat-moving to Cryptologic Linguist

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    8yrs mainly 0331 MK19 gunner USMC and that all i want to share Semper Fi Brothers Celer, Silens, Mortalis

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    not in the forces (not my scene, and too scared for my own skin to be trusted in the front line) but i give my salute for going out there and doing what you believe in, and that can be more than i am.

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