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Thread: Rate the Prez!

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    Butterfly Mage

    Default Rate the Prez!

    President Barak Obama has been in office for one year this week. How do you think he's doing?

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    Grade C

    He can't really do much because we were in so much crap when he became president.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I gave him a "C".

    On one hand, he broke his promise on the war, Patriot Act, and Civil Unions. However, he did sign Hate Crime legislation that protects gays and he got $120 billion back from the banks that Bush doled out. Additionally, he signed a bill that will make the auto industry increase fuel economy to 36 MPG.

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    This flaming liberal says: Meh, he's just a slightly left righty.

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    I voted Impeach Him Now, I don't think he is what this nation truly needs. He is doing exactly what Bush did which is spend more money and continue to kill off our men and women in uniform.

    What change? Obama took all mine!

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    On a side note, Australia's PM wrote a children's book.

    That alone gets an A+.

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    He has my average school grade. I gave him a D because he has yet to pull out of Iraq, and has spent how much trying to get us out of the depression? And he also won't crack down on irresponsible state spending. Only reason he didn't get an F is because the country hasn't gone to any more shit since Bush left. At least Bush kinda made fun of himself...

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    I vote for impeachment...if that means a peach gets president.

    Seriously - I leave that up to you American guys to figure out what he's done for you. He certainly didn't do anything yet that would warrant the Nobel Prize for Peace!


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