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Thread: Celiac? Crohns? IBS?

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    Default Celiac? Crohns? IBS?

    Hello...maybe someone here could help me with a few questions...

    1. Why would someone have large volumes of stool that is mostly oily water and undigested food ?

    2.This happens suddenly to me and then it goes away ..the bouts last anywhere from 3-5 days ..

    3. My normal diet hasn't really changed over the past few weeks so i am unsure as to the cause

    Any insight into this would be of help to me as it happens suddenly and at times is hard to control if i make to a restroom or not

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    Is the stool greasy? (Not compact, sticks to the walls of the toilet) This could be caused by liver insufficiency or gall bladder litosis, it could also be caused by pancreatitis (inflamation on Vater's Ampule can constrict the common vile duct... IDK much, these are just some rough toughts. You should go check a specialist (gastroenterologist), it's your life so postponing medical attention is a big no-no.

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    thats just it...all i passed yesturday was water and oil and a few food real stool

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    so its like throw up out of your bumm :\

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    sorta...thats an apt way to put it

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    Anyone have any ideas at all?

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    I just don't see the point in answering or even trying to search for something if it's going to keep you from going to the doctor... it's negligent for you to do so. I'm saying this for your own good. :/

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    While I agree that going to the doctor should almost always be step number 1 in these types of medical cases, it is not always the cure all answer. I have been fighting some sort of deep chest infection/asthma related illness since Thanksgiving, and I have been to 2 different doctors, been given 3 different antibiotics, and countless other respiratory therapies to no avail. I am still going to the doctor regularly over the issue, but I am also busily searching the net looking for my own answers.

    Doctors don't always have the perfect answer every time, but they do have a better shot at it than we do. The way I see it is the more answers the better.

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    Ok, so as others have said, best solution is to see a doctor, but while you are waiting to do that I can throw out some thoughts/questions:

    Anyways, what Zagate was getting at with greasy stools is a problem with malabsorption, this can range from some of the conditions he stated, which are mainly issues with secretion of stuff that digests nutrients, but can also include problems with the intestine itself, such as celiac disease, basically a wide range of problems. Another common thing patients notice if they are having the greasy stools is that they smell really bad. Additionally, depending on the type of malabsorption you might notice weight loss, fatigue, or other problems from the lack of nutrition.

    One thing you might want to try to think about, even though your diet hasn't changed, is if attacks are brought on by any specific foods or if there is any other common instigating factor, maybe stress or something else. It could also be helpful to know if there is any pain before the bowel movements, and if that pain is relived by moving your bowels or if remains after. Also, while you mentioned that the episodes can last from 3-5 days it can also be useful to know how often you have had these episodes, is this something that has just started in the past month, or has it been going on for many months, or even years (and if years how old were you when it started), has it become more frequent recently, or maybe just more severe.

    Don't know how much any of that helps, but unfortunately it is pretty hard to make a diagnosis for a lot of stuff over the internet since it is difficult to get a good history & exam.

    And again the normal disclaimer: This not intended nor recommended as a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your own physician or other qualified health care professional regarding any medical questions or conditions.

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