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Thread: Feeling Better about them

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    Talking Feeling Better about them

    Well, before I get to the main thing here, I have to say Im Kind of a Noob when it comes to Forums so Humor me. :P

    Anywho, just last Sunday I had gone to the Pharmacy and Purchased a Pack of Diapers for the first time. Nobody at that store said a word or gave me a Look, nor did they recognize me for I was in a Uncommonly Used Outfit.

    I walked out with a Sign of Relief saying to myself "Wow, that actually wasnt too bad". However I had to walk about .75 of a Mile down a Road to get back home and sneak past my folks, but I made it smoothly past them.

    Oh yesh, and the only decent diapers I could find there would be Depends, I have to say though, theyre actually pretty good. *murrs* Nao I have 16 Diapers to enjoy. :3

    Hopefully when I run out Ill be DRIVING down to the Pharmacy because I will be getting my License soon. As well as oneday finding some more High Quality Diapers Like Bambinos or Abenas. :X

    Thats all I have to say nao! *purplepoofs!* \o.o/

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    Congrats on getting a new stash. Driving will make it easier to get diapers. I probably shouldn't corrupt you but the easiest way to get bambinos without anyone knowing is to have them sent to your local UPS store and tell them to expect your package. They'll call you when it arrives and it should only be $5.

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    Congratulations on your first pack! Now just wait until you start getting some of the nicer diapers in the mail.

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    Not soo bad huh.... The more you do it the easier it gets... BTW: you can make the Depends better by stuffing them with baby diapers.

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    Congratulations on your success in replenishing your stash but let me be the first to say NOOB!!!

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