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Thread: which diaper????

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    Default which diaper????

    Ok so the other day I bought myself for the first time ever some Huggies Drynites, and after the long walk from the supermarket and risking getting caught ect ect I got them home and loved them. I loved them that much I thought I would never bother with any other nappy again.

    However today I was making sure nobody would find my nappy’s, as am working away with my dad for a few weeks, by hiding them further under my bed. Or else I’ll get paranoid and stuff, that somebody will find them. And when I was under my bed (that is in the box part that the mattress sits on) I found one of my old nappy’s, the type that I love (lifestyle) that are really cheap and plastic coated (you know the ones I mean) and as soon as I found it, I wanted one. Of course this is a baby nappy and won’t fit me, and I’m worried too much about leaks to use the Drynites for their indented use. Then a few hours later I come on here, to find Loopy’s Cuddlz Review. Then it clicked, from what he said they sound like the perfect substitute.

    But what about bambinos’s, or even another kind of diaper/nappy that I don’t know about?

    So in your guys professional opinion, based on what I’ve said, which would be my best option and why? And I also would like some pics as well if that is at all possible. I’ve been to both websites and looked at prices and both ship discretely. So perhaps if somebody did a proper comparison (someone that has worn both) it could be sticky for everybody’s use.

    Many thanks xxx

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    Hey. I haven't tried either Bambinos or Cuddlz. But I wanted to let you know about another option I could recommend called 'Tender' brand, from: Incontinence Products, Incontinence Aids UK

    I've gone on about them numerous times, and wouldn't want to bore anyone, but they are relatively cheap, good quality, full-fitting and the packing and postage are discreet. Search for Tender-Care on this site and you'll find fuller reviews and other people's opinions of them. They are not discreet however, and while the pad is full size, they lack great amounts of absorbing gel, and have more fluff pulp.

    The European (inc. UK) 'Tena Slip' nappies are currently my favourite for good fit, absorbency and avoiding leakage. I wear the 'super' medium size out and about as it's discreet enough.

    Sorry, not an answer to your actual question, but I like these options so much I wanted to make you aware of them, in case you wanted to consider them.

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    Cuddlz are pretty much bambinos, bambinos aren't sold in the UK (or europe) but cuddlz are pretty much the same thing :P.
    Abena abri-form x-plus are probably the best nappy on the market in terms of sheer performance, and thickness. You can get em from Hygiene Consumables, Medical Consumables, Mobility Scooters and Care Home Furniture from Beaucare, Home :: Dorset Nursing Supplies (along with molicare, another PURPLE premium nappy) and Bambo Nature, Eco, Training, Nature, Nappies, Incontinence Pads, Organic, Biodegradable Nappy, Baby, Babies Nappies, Dog Litter Waste Poo Bags who are the cheapest, and do free shipping over 50 (good for buying multiple packs.).
    Tena slip Maxi are another ok nappy, Personelly I think they are a little to thin, but I've been spoilt by abenas and cuddlz :P. The fit isn't that great on me either, but thats me. They still soak up, and don't leak . You can get these from Blushingbuyer who have good prices, along with a few other brands.

    I'll be doing full reviews of tenas, abenas, and molicares this week when I receive the nappies.

    As for your choice, its up to you really. If you want a babyish nappy go for the cuddlz (they won't cost an arm and a leg with shipping from the states, unlike the bambinos), if you want a great performing nappy go with the cuddlz or the abena, they're both great. If you want something a little discreet the tena maxi might be worth it, they are thinner but not to a massive degree, and they're still as absorbant (or almost as) as the other two. I haven't tried molicares so I'll let you know about them soon :P.


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