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Thread: Tonight's Dance

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    Well I just got back from my school dance. All I can say is that I had a GREAT time! I was really self conscious when I got there, but once I warmed up to everyone it was awesome. I danced with 2 really hot girls 4 times each and just a lot in groups. It was my first dance where I danced with women and didn't feel worthless once it was done, in fact.... I felt like partying more! lol, anyways, it was fun and i am glad I went.

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    Glad you had a good time, DT! Just remember to always respect the womenfolk! -_^

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    Too much controversy in deciding and see what happens? You had fun! All I am asking is why is this a separate thread from the original?

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    Indeed, I always respect them, they are humans of interactions...not objects of conquest. And yes Praise Jesusallahbudda, I have made a break through!

    I have no idea, it was just the first button i clicked on, sorry for the taking of space, haha.
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    See, its always better to go and probably have good time vs not going and knowing you're going to have boring eveing :P


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    I was just at my first school dance on friday. Was a lot more fun than I had expected.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chillhouse View Post
    I think I speak for us all when I say: Finaly!
    Unless you're saying Finally!

    That's not even clever. Anyways, congrats and junk I guess. Dances are... uh... stupendous. Standing in a loud room where you're totally thinking about what everyone else thinks about you for a few hours. That's why dances that are actually mosh pits are fun, cause if someone's giving you an akward eye you can elbow them in the neck and kick them in the chest. But more for real, it's lovely that you enjoyed yourself. May the rest of your existance be as good if not better than it was this evening.

    Wait, and I only say this now because I type stream-of-thought and that means no going back no matter what - you had that other thread about sport jackets and jeans and junk... did you dress fancy for the dance...y? And if so, that's classy sir. I though formal-wear was a popped collar and oodles of wax in the hair, but this just blows that away.

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    No i backed down from that idea at the last minute. I just wore a nice button down shirt and jeans, I wish I would have went with the sport jacket though, I would have looked a lot nicer.

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    So, you went after all? Awesome! Way to go!
    Told you it would be better than staying home!
    And it seems like it opened some new possibilities for you, as you state that you wish to do it again.
    See my signature, that quote IS true.

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