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Thread: Perception of School when you first started school

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    Default Perception of School when you first started school

    For most of us teenagers and college students, we treat school as a drag and a chore. Like it is not fun at all and only a gap of time lost in your life. But when you were just starting school (Kindergarden/Preschool/etc.), what was your opinion of school at that time. Did you hate it? Did you love it? I am just asking this question cause I am constantly reminded of the image of small children who just can't wait to go to school and laugh at it 13 years later. I personally can't remember anything under the age of 5 so that isn't any help. All I know is that school sucks now!

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    Because I lived away from a lot of people and had not discovered the world of video games, school was something for me to actually do when I first started it. Now it practically feels like a waste of time, in my school with around 600 enrollment, there are very few courses offered that will actually teach you something.

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    I can remember that I was very shy my first day of kindergarten. I did not go to a preschool, so I did not have any prior interaction with kids my age. I was scared of the whole thing. We also had assigned seats on the bus according to our last names. I was stuck in the back of the bus, surrounded by 4th and 5th graders. The first week of school I also had to get my first "real" haircut because one of the 5th graders had stuck multiple pieces of gum in my hair. Since my mom and grandma could not get it all out, we had no choice but to cut it off. It took me a few weeks to actually warm up to idea of school after that.

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    I always said I didn't like school, but I don't think it was really that true. When I was a young kid I liked it (I actually had my mom for a Kindergarten teacher - not cause I was home schooled, she just worked at the school near my house). In early high school I hated it a lot cause I was started taking courses that I hated, but when I didn't have to take science or match by my senior years, it was solid. I liked my tecahers and my classes, and whenever I skipped it was out of laziness, not hate. By grade twelve I was taking pretty much all electives (except English, which I dig anyways), and I liked what I was doing. No kid is going to admit to anyone (or usually temselves) that they don't mind school, but I don't think I minded. As for college, it's great, and one of the most interesting times of my life.

    Of course if I had written this a year ago, it probably would've been me ranting about how much I needed to get out of high school and move on, but, like, hindsight's 20/20... which is like, 100%... which is goodish.

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    I'm weird - I've always loved school. I remember being really excited about getting to learn how to read and do hard math.

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    I think I was quite shy when I started kindergarten, but I still liked school back then. From third to six grade I had virtually no friends at school, so that was no fun at all. From grade seven to twelve, the classes where boring but at least I had a good group of friends, which makes a world of difference.

    University? Awesome! Too much work and stress, tough, but its still awesome (especially since I get to be amongst geeks).

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    I hated it, and so I'm told cried to go home I nevee did like school and we parted company after 11th grade.

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    The transition from being a toddler and going into school is something I vaguely remember. After about the second grade I started to dislike attending school but looking back on it.... it was well worth my time. Plus I didn't have a choice!

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    I dun remember much about Kingergarden I was Born a Military Brat. I went to Jr. Kindergarden in Germany so I dun remember my fisrt time. But My first time in a school in Canada i was shy, and somewhat a loner. I enjoyed school from the 6th grade on though and I am kicking myself for not finishing (which I am fixing). But I do remember the Hell I went through from the 3rd Grade to the 6th grade.

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    According to my family, I was toilet trained day and night before I turned 3. I remember nothing about that. Also according to the family, because both Mom and Dad worked and my baby brother Ed had just been born, I was taken to toddler school a few hours a day. There are a few photos of that.

    I do remember going to another pre-school for a few weeks when I was 4. Then I was transferred to a different class, where the work was far more interesting. That was kindergarten, which I really adored.

    From then on I was almost always the youngest person in my class.

    Sure, my bladder was tiny and over-active, but that did not hold me back or get me teased. I do not remember any wetting accidents in school.

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