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Thread: Foods that you absolutely HATE!

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    Default Foods that you absolutely HATE!

    This thread is probably the furthest extent of a hate thread that I am willing to make, but here goes.

    What foods out there in the world do you despise passionately?

    For me, the worst food in the world is onions. I find them to be revolting in every way. The odd thing is, I do not mind green onions, but white, yellow and red onions disgust me in every way imaginable. The texture, the strong onion taste, everything about them - yuck!

    I also despise the texture of cooked tomatoes. I love the flavor of peppers, but I despise their texture, as well.

    I also hate eggs. I find them to be icky.

    And the other food I really despise? I love fresh olives, I love jarred olives, but I cannot stand the black canned olives. They taste like metal to me.

    Post about the foods that you hate in this thread. But please be respectful of others' opinions - I don't think any less of others for liking the foods I despise, after all.

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    Butterfly Mage


    My most hated foods are brussel sprouts (I really dislike the taste) and boiled spinach (I really loathe the texture).

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    It's got to be salad for me. It doesn't taste of anything, doesn't fill you up and its cold! Why my mum insisted on giving it to me all the time I won't know. I'll eat anything else and am not fussy at all I just don't like salad. Particulary tomatoes... Yuk!

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    well I'm very fussy, so there are a large number of things I can't stand. However a few will get a special mention: Tomato, I'll eat it on pizza but otherwise I can't stand the texture, sweetcorn makes me want to throw up, carrots taste revolting cooked or raw, as do cooked green beans. Then lettuce and cucumber I avoid if possible.

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    Foodwise, I hate (from can't eat to would prefer not to have):
    - peanuts (highly allergic)
    - nuts (allergic)
    - coconuts
    - celeri, kohlrabi
    - olives
    - curry (the spices)
    - spinach
    - any meat with lots of fat running all over it - I can't stand the texture of it


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    Egg, nasty smell, nasty texture regardless of how you cook it and nasty taste. Just catching a tiny whiff of it makes me want to vomit.

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    I have very little problem with taste, it's texture and colour that does me.

    I hate mashed potatoes because of the texture...
    I also don't eat red or yellow foods. e.g. tomatoes (and ketchup etc.), sweetcorn, non-green peppers...

    I do like red apples though, there's always exceptions.

    I hate baked beans! It's not the bean itself, but the sauce they're always in.

    Bananas are gross too.

    I hate most sauces that you find in fast food places, especially mayonnaise!

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    ~Steak that's anything more cooked than medium rare. Really.
    ~Plain eggs (Gotta have cheese 'n' meat on it)
    ~Milk (allergic)

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    NeiNei: if your shit looks like Baked beans... I'd get to the doctor :P

    For me it would have to be cabbage, Califlower, and sprots. They all smell, all look minging. Why eat them when theres other great veggies around?

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