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    Hi Everyone,

    As the site stipulates I am introducing myself,I'm 33,male and from the UK (Unfortunately) Many years ago I was a diaper lover and enjoyed diapers etc on an occasional basis,little did I realise that later on in life that i would actually need them>I suffer from Chronic Pancreatitis,this disease has had profound effects on other parts of my body along with constant pain,I suffer with bowel cramps,pain,diarrehea,as times gone on the angry bowel problems I have have caused my baldder to become irritable too.This causes urge and frequency,incontinece and nocturia.I also had a circumsicion in 2008 which left me with terrible scarring and strictures requiring me to catheterise daily to keep the strictures dialated,I do on occasion use a foley catheter at night so as to be able to get six hours sleep without waking to go to the toilet.My kidneys produce in six hours of sleep over 2 litres of urine,my doc and various specialist are still lost as to why so much is produced at night,as I take many different meds as it is I have steered clear of desmopressin and will just stick with the caths,they work fine for me and are a god send.

    So there's a little about my predicament,I have many more problems aside these mentioned,for example in 2008 I was diagnosed with hypogonadism,So every three months I have to have a testosterone injection as my testis produce practically none of their own.

    I'm happy to share my experiences with others and to chat,so I look forward to conversing with some people on here in the near future!

    Yours faithfully,


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    Welcome to the site. You will find that there are all sorts of folks here with differant conditions and we all get along pretty well. anyways have fun

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    Welcome to ADISC! Do you have any hobbies or interests? Hope ya enjoy it here and our supportive community. Peace and Love

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