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Thread: How to pull off...?

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    Default How to pull off...?

    A sport jacket and jean combo? I have a nice gray sport jacket(blazer) that I would like to wear, but what type of shirt can I wear under it? Like would a t shirt be alright, or look too hickish? I have tried it with a turtle neck, but that just makes things too damn hot. Also, what type of shoes can I wear with this outfit?

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    A nice pair of deck shoes/trainers would work with that I think, or just a pair of black loafer style ones. Dunno about t-shirt/shirt through.

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    Ya I was thinking deck shoes as well, I am just bushed on what type of shirt about a nice button down one?

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    I'd go with a colored button down with highly starched collars.

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    I like that look, a nice plain T shirt (in a contrasting color) a suit jacket and jeans, only I would wear sneakers, younger guys can pull off that look, to me that says I don't really care what you think I like this.

    If I have to go somewhere dressy I still dress this way, I have my own I don't really care look... because I don't care what other people think.

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    I say ditch the jeans, go for some nice khakis, you will be surprised how comfortable they really are. Add a decent polo shirt and you'll be ready to hit the town; or if nothing else look exactly like me, lol.

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    The thing is ballucanb, it says I don't really care what you think of this, but I do really, really I do.

    Jeans, t-shirt, and trainers, now thats a look that shows you don't care. Especially when unironed (I'm a bachelor, and I don't live at home!)

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    To answer this question is harder than resolving America's Health Care Crisis.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tk7432 View Post
    To answer this question is harder than resolving America's Health Care Crisis.
    Haha, good one :P

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    Go with a cardigan/graphic-Tshirt combo. Or just wear some sort of ironic T underneath and leave the sport coat unbuttoned.

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