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    Default Cloth diapering?

    So I'm planning to order "90x90cm flannelette nappies" from a reputable online vendor - so, cloth kids, would you kindly inform me how many layers of cloth I need to use for, say, two wettings?

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    I'd say about 4 or 6 layers will cope with two wettings very well. It depends on how you fold it as well, theres so many different folds out there. And if you're worried you can always add extra with a hand towel or simular. Last night I slept in a velcro nappy (I think it has 6 layers of gauze, but its not very thick) from drylife, with a folded hand towel (+4 layers) in it, and it coped with alot more then 2 wettings :P. I woke up soaked, but not leaking :P.

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    I have velcro on contours but its 4 layers of terry cloth and those will last longer than I will. I don't like being "over wet" so thats the only real limiting factor on capacity. Flannel on the other hand I would say about 6 since its a tigher weave with less space inside the fabric.

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    I would check out the already made diapers that are out there and the thickness/layers that are used. Usually a minimum of 6 layers are used.

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    A word of caution about making a cloth diaper that's too thick: it will be very difficult to clean and dry. This only applies to contour diapers where the layers are sewn together. I would say use 6 layers maximum. I made a 10-12 layer flannel contour diaper once... never again. Feels great on, horrible to launder and loses its softness quickly.

    If you're just folding & pinning the diaper on, this isn't a problem (the many layers will unfold into one big thin layer in the wash). I would say the best way to determine capacity would be to just experiment with how many layers you fold together.

    One last thing: flannelette isn't the greatest diapering cloth in my opinion. It's soft at first, but pills up rather quickly with wear. It doesn't seem as absorbent as other cloth diaper types (gauze, birdseye, terry, or my personal favorite Pre-fold Diaper - Adult, Cloth Diapers) either.

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