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    I know there's some thread somewhere where those of us who consider ourselves musicians sort of self-identified... This is different...

    Do any of you record/produce??

    If so, post what workflow/equipment you use, and a sample if you want...

    I use Sonar 7, FL Studio, and Adobe Audition.

    I produce mostly hip hop lately, but I'm an equal opportunity producer, since I honestly like all types of music.

    This thread may turn into a "rate my mix" or whatever thread, but so what. I'll go first. This is a track I just started working on so it's a bit rough.

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    I used to take drama class in school (shocking, right!?) and for the final project we had to make everything ourselves - from the script, costumes, props and yeah... the music. As a result I got this folder mostly full of short sweeping noises or quick, deadpan sound effects, but there's a couple of longer tracks in there.

    My group really only wanted some low-level background music / sound effects that wouldn't overwhelm anything else that was happening. But would, at the very least, create some sort of atmosphere or tension.

    Here's one of them. I spent a few hours in Ableton Live and came up some ambient-esque track. It's repetitive, but it relies heavily on a sweeping effect which gives it some character. Playing it loud it's far from perfect, but then again, it's only meant to be played at a very low volume (read "Background Music").

    Edit: Seems like Soundcloud has decided to be terrible. Don't know where to upload it.

    Editedit: Seems to be working now -_-...
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    How do you like FL Studio, Jon?

    I actually still use FL 3 -- I find its interface and its modification options far more logical than those presented in both FL 6 and Studio -- for all of my programming and sampling. For keyboards, I'm using a software module called FM8 and another called Absynth 4.

    GarageBand has been a suitable tracking program; I purchased a ProTools setup some time ago, took an extensive class on its use, and found it (unfortunately) very laborious and illogical.

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    I use Reason, I just find it easy to work with that kind of visual Enviroment... FL always felt a bit too kiddy to me. I'm not very good through, I just like to mess about in it

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    A friend of mine is a Hardcore producer, see his stuffHERE.

    I believe he used Cubase with a load of VST's and stuff, and uses all sorts of different hardware like a Korg MIDI and stuff.... he really is a wicked producer.

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