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    There's been some discussion of the use of diapers in gaming, but the Japanese are not to be outdone!

    Then again, maybe they're just running out of ideas for things to do with the Wiimote.

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    I didn't notice until after I had posted that there is a provision for multiplayer. It seemed like there were two ways they could go about that, and they went with the slightly less objectionable one.

    *shudders thinking about a 'catcher'*

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    I didn't think about that one. *shudders along with Trevor*

    Don't think I even wanted to think about that one. *shakes head to get it out*

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    You realize that was their April Fools for this year, yeah? XD

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    Little ollie


    It's one of those things that would be awesome when pissed out your head with a few mates over.

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    Too bad it's only a joke. That would be hilsrious to have at a party haha. Thanks for the link .

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    Holy crap... that is so funny...

    too bad I got rid of the Wii...

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