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Thread: Non *B males with stuffed animals

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    Default Non *B males with stuffed animals

    So I just recently found out that one of my male friends from work still has his teddy bear from when he was a kid and keeps it on his bed. So it got me thinking about how many guys in general still have plushies.

    With girls, it seems very almost seems like a girl who DOESN'T have some kind of plushie somewhere in her room is in the minority.

    But with guys, at least in the US, it's a lot less common. As we've talked about, most people don't really say anything if a guy still has a plushie in his room...but it doesn't seem to be the norm. But it makes me wonder...if so many girls have them, maybe it's more of a human thing rather than a girl thing, and maybe a lot of guys still have plushies but just keep them hidden. Hell, a lot of people who know me don't know I have a teddy.

    So I guess I have a few questions.

    1. Based on your experience, in the US, what percentage of guys (let's say 14 or older...including *B/DL's and non */DL's) have a plushie that they keep in plain sight in their room?

    2. Same as question 1, but instead of the US, all western countries (US, UK, Australia, and European countries).

    3. What percentage of guys in the US do you think still has a plushie at all...including guys who keep them in plain site and guys who hide them from everyone?

    4. Same as question 3, but all Western countries.

    (You don't have to answer all 4...but I would like people to list at least # 1 and #3 or at least # 2 and # 4, based on your location and general experience).

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    My dad has a stuffed monkey is his room, but it's in a chest. It's probably the only thing he has from his biological mother, so I doubt it'll ever disappear.

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    My dad used to take one of my cuddly toy rabbits with him when he was sitting exams, and sometimes when he was teaching lectures. Now that I've moved out, that rabbit is pretty much always on his bedside table. I don't know if he wanted a plushie but couldn't buy one so he stole it from his daughter, or if he just keeps it around because it reminds him of me!

    My boyfriend's parents buy him stuffed animals every Christmas, I'm not sure why. He always keeps them in our room. He also likes to hug a pillow all night, like a normal person would hug a plushie. I keep offering to buy/lend him a plushie but he never takes me up on it, lol.

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    My brother, he is 16 and he absolutely loves his Mickey Mouse plushie that he got when he was probably 7 years old or so. He also has a blankie, or what was formerly a blankie, it's all shredded. It's basically a pile of yarn now, all grey and gross looking. But he still sleeps with the blankie and Mickey, I think he has a bunch of other plushies too, but he doesn't like them as much as Mickey.

    I feel rather bad for mocking him about his blankie and Mickey when I was younger. And I love the irony too, with me being a TB, or an AB, or whatever I am now, makes me think fate has a sense of humor.

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    I don't keep one in sight of my bed but I do have a plush dog in my closet that I use from time to time.

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    Of all the all male bedrooms that I've gone in, teddies are definitely a rare sight.

    But then my experience is fairly limited, my friends back home are not the type of people who have teddy bears. Where I'm from men are men.

    I bet there's lots of guys with teddies at university though! Whether gifts from girlfriends, or family, I bet they have them, possibly hidden!
    My sister bought me the teddy I sleep with, and my mum also gave me a stuffed animal thing too.

    Homesickness probably makes guys have teddies.

    And then there's football teddies, of like mascots and stuff.
    But those are manly, and 100% acceptable. Much more likely to be displayed proudly than hidden away.

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    Ha ha...a lot of great responses, but nobody's been willing to guess a percentage!

    So I'll go first. I can't say anything about Western culture as a whole since I've only ever lived in the US. However, based on what I've heard, I will wager that a larger percentage of males outside of the US have plushies compared to males in the US.

    So I'll just answer 1 and 3. For #1...I'm going to say 10%. Now, I can't back this up with personal's not like out of all of the male bedrooms I've seen, 10% have had plushies. But I don't have tons of guys to draw on....I know a number of guys that I've never seen their bedroom. So my number might be kind of high...but since I've known some guys who do have plushies, it seems a decent guess.

    The more interesting one is #3. I'm going to guess 33%. That may seem very high...but the thing is, I really think that in the US, there's so much pressure for males to be stereotypically masculine that guys aren't comfortable showing a softer side...especially since even though girls always say they want a sensitive guy, they usually just want the guy to be sensitive to her...they still want a "manly" guy too. Since there have been a few cases of me finding out guys still have plushies (I had no idea up until that point) and that most people I know don't know I have them...I'm willing to bet a fair number of guys keep plushies hidden.

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    Up until like a week before i left in July I had my entire collection of beanie baby dogs on my book shelf. There up the attic now but i think i may go dig them out here again soon. There just seems like a void where they used to be on my shelves. At least i still have my favorite one on with my band friends pictures and whatnot. My lil spunky is never going anywhere :p. Also i went ripping through the attic the other day to see if i could find ANY teddy bear just because that usually cheers me up about things. I didn't come across any of my old bear favorites but i found my barney and baby bop plushies. Out of all the things i have from when i was little those are the two most likely to get fed into a giant document shredder some day. It was cute at the time but all the sharing and caring and stomach wrenching "I love you, you love me" stuff kinda makes me wish public television ever existed. At least PBS has Weather World!

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    I don't see anything wrong with having a reminder of your youth, and if a stuffed animal does that for you good for you.

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    I have WAY too many plushies to even mention, and I keep them all in plain sight. It doesn't matter either, because when friends come over the already know I'm a furry, so they think it's normal

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