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Thread: Is there a Natural Unpotty Training Method

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    Default Is there a Natural Unpotty Training Method

    I was wounder if there is safe way unpotty train myself instead like other one cause to you . You may think I am crazy why would I want do this but I had weak bladder all mylife cause epilisey medication and dr told me never go back normal.

    I just want weaking bladder complete with out cause harm to myslef in process
    of doing this. I got method from socalab and say it safe folloiw but not sure figure would as see other can suggest for me.

    the BBW Natural Diaper Training Method:
    by Mikey H. (of BBW - Canada)

    Little babies don't know anything about controlling their wettums and
    messes, so just let things happen naturally, easily and without any fuss or muss. As they get older they begin to associate the sensual
    sensations of their bladder or bowels emptying, as it stimulates the
    internal and external tactile nerves. Also the warm sensations of their
    peepee as it empties, and soaks into their diapers cause their first
    pleasurable "cause and effect" awareness. This is especially true for
    boy babies, probably because their penis is stimulated by the warm, wet diaper when they wet.

    The biggest problem for most big babies, especially those who have been toilet trained at an early age, is the sense of shame or humiliation at wetting uncontrollably, or messing their pants. Diapers were probably used as a threat, and became associated with "dirty, wrong, or bad" when they were very young. Unfortunately many big babies try to wet or mess, or force themselves to do so, and this causes a different type of conscious and subconscious control, instead of helping them return to the natural uncontrolled voiding of a real little baby..

    These suggestions are designed to help the big baby learn to naturally give up control and return to the normal, natural infantile way of voiding.

    Following these suggestions should help a big baby to begin using their diapers naturally and easily in about two weeks to a month. These suggestions can be used by baby alone, or under the supervision of their parent figure. The goal is to simply and naturally undo the bad patterns learned in early childhood and to replace them with the natural, pleasurable habits and patterns present in an infant. Once natural uninhibited voiding begins, continued use of these suggestions will quickly and easily establish a natural, easy infantile pattern of emptying the bladder and bowels, regardless of the type of undergarment worn, but then babies always wear diapers.


    BIT baby in training
    Void emptying of bladder or bowels
    Potty any container like a toilet, potty seat, urinal or other manmade device except diapers, used to hold voids. Strictly prohibited for all BIT's.
    DD diaper dependent

    When ready to start, begin wearing diapers at all times, night and day.
    Cloth diapers and plastic or other waterproof pants are preferred but
    disposables like DriPride, or Attends briefs are acceptable. Drink
    regular amounts of non-alcoholic fluids, at least 8 ounces of water or
    juice, 8 times a day, and two glasses within one hour of bedtime. Avoid using potty from two hours before bedtime to bedtime. Once training is begun, of course the potty is prohibited at all times. If natural wetting occurs before bedtime this is acceptable and desirable.

    Try to eat as much raw fruit or vegetables as possible and affordable to help ensure good bowel regularity, and soft bowel movements.

    When you first consciously perceive the need to void, simply try not to
    think about it. Think instead "I'm going to wet my diapers naturally. I
    don't need to worry because I am wearing my thick, secure diapers." At first you may feel the pressure building up almost unbearably. At this point simply try to relax a bit, by deep breathing, in through your
    nose, and out softly through your mouth, thinking "I can relax and let
    my body respond naturally and normally to my full bladder."

    Soon you will feel the first trickles of your natural void. DO NOT TRY
    TO BEAR DOWN. JUST REMAIN RELAXED. It may just trickle and then stop, and then start up in a few minutes. During the initial stages of training this is perfectly natural, since you have learned a pattern of
    "hold it until at the potty, then relax when it starts, bear down and
    force it out." This is a learned, trained response taught during toilet
    training when you were very young, and needs to be unlearned and a new, more natural pattern established.

    Each time you repeat the "trickle, stop, trickle" pattern, you will void
    more peepee until your bladder begins to respond naturally with a "I
    feel it getting full. Relax the sphincter, contract the bladder wall
    muscles slightly. Let it out easily." This is the normal, natural way a
    baby's bladder empties. Their bladder is not so elastic or stretchy,
    from years of "holding it", so the sphincter just relaxes, the bladder
    wall presses slightly and they empty their peepee into their diapers.

    As you become aware of your bladder emptying think "Oh that feels nice. I like the warm feelings of wetting my diapers. Wetting naturally feels good, pleasant. I want to do this again and again."

    As you feel your bladder emptying more naturally once you begin to
    establish the new, natural patterns [usually in just 3 to 4 days],
    really concentrate on the sensations as your bladder responds to the
    presence of peepee at the sphincter opening, relaxing the sphincter,
    letting the peepee flow out easily, gently, naturally. Feel and
    concentrate on the sensations as your peepee flows into your diaper and your diaper soaks it up, spreads it around your front, crotch and bum, making the diaper all nice and warm and wet.

    Tell yourself how nice and enjoyable it feels, and how pleasant it makes you feel to wet your diapers naturally, easily and incontrollably.


    Nighttime Wetting, Naturally:

    Frankly this is harder to establish than daytime wetting. While babies
    take more time to be nighttime trained, than daytime, this is due to
    their sleep patterns, not bladder control. The goal is to remain
    sleeping while voiding and to wake in the morning with nice warm wet, and maybe even messy diapers.

    Drinking 12 to 16 ounces of clear fluid like water or juice during the
    one hour before bedtime will ensure the kidneys continue to produce
    peepee while you sleep, instead of slowing down, as is part of the
    physical aging process. Unless you haven't voided for two hours or more, you should not feel uncomfortable at bedtime drinking this amount of fluid prior to bedtime.

    While lying in bed and getting ready to sleep, try to picture the
    pleasant "surprise" of waking up nice and wet and warm in the morning. Picture yourself sleeping happily, soundly, contentedly ALL NIGHT LONG, without waking up until it is time to get up. If possible, take your soother to bed with you and use it at night. The suckling will establish a subconscious "I am drinking my bottle, and will wet while I drink to make room." idea, which is natural for little babies.

    Concentrate on the image of sleeping soundly, contentedly and happily as you go to sleep, and try to picture the joy and pleasant sensations of waking up in nice, warm, wet diapers. You will probably wake the first few nights, when your subconscious senses the need to void. Just relax and let it happen as you do during the day. The sensations of wetting lying on your side, back or tummy are much different than wetting sitting or standing during the day, so concentrate on these nice, new pleasant sensations, and tell yourself how good it feels, how nice it feels, and how good it will feel when you wake up in the morning in your nice, thick, warm, wet diapers.

    Try to picture yourself remaining asleep as you wet, and "pretend" you
    are still sleeping. After you wet your diaper, relax again, and picture
    this happening while you sleep soundly, contentedly, and happily. Soon this is exactly how it will happen. It may take a few days [average 5 to 6 from my experience] for you to sleep soundly through the night, and to wet naturally in your sleep. You may find yourself waking a while after you have wet, if your diaper begins to cool down, and this sensation wakes you, but often the slight coolness of the wet diaper just causes another void, to "warm it up" and make it feel nice again.

    When you wake in the morning take a few minutes to concentrate on the sensations and feelings of waking in nice, warm, wet diapers, and reward yourself by thinking or saying positive things like "Good I'm learning to wet my diapers in my sleep like a little baby. I am a happy baby now, who wets in his sleep. I like the feeling of waking in warm wet diapers."

    Messy Diaper Tips:

    I suggest you purchase a dozen or so baby flat fold diapers [around 24 by 30 inches flat], and place it unfolded inside the regular diaper for a diaper liner. Most babies have a pattern for voiding, say after
    breakfast, or during the afternoon, or after dinner. Once your pattern
    is established, ensure the regular diaper is lined to make clean up much easier.

    Messing is much easier than most people think. Especially if you eat a healthy diet with lots of fibre and roughage to ensure soft, easy voids. Not too much so you get the runs, which is unhealthy, but just soft, regular movements once or more a day.

    Use the same "positive conditioning" mental rewards as used for wetting, and when you feel the need to void, again just relax. It may pass for a moment or two, then come back a little stronger. Each time, just relax. Concentrate on the sphincter muscle that has been trained to tighten until you are on a potty, and concentrate on just relaxing this little muscle.

    DO NOT BEAR DOWN, OR TRY TO FORCE THINGS "OUT". THIS IS NOT NATURAL, AND CAN RUIN THE NATURAL TRAINING. Just relax the sphincter and again try deep natural breaths to help you relax yourself.

    You may find it easier to void standing, or crawling. DO NOT SQUAT, or pretend to be sitting on a potty. This again places strain on the
    muscles, resulting in a bearing down action that is unnatural, requires
    "control". As you begin to void, there will be a learned tendency to try
    and tighten the sphincter muscle. Again just relax. Tell yourself "I'm
    going to poopoo my diaper. I like poopooing my diaper. It feel so good. I like messing my diapers as a baby." You will be rewarded.

    As you mess your diaper concentrate on the feelings of helplessness at messing your little diapers as a baby. Concentrate on the sensations of messing helplessly and feeling the soft, gooey void filling the seat and crotch of your diapers and smearing on your little bum. Tell yourself how nice and good this feels, and how babyish it is to mess your diapers, how babyish YOU are to mess your diapers.

    Good baby you wet and mess your diapers, naturally, now.

    A few more times and you will begin to think "Oh, me go poopoo didee" as your subconscious feels the need to void, and your body becomes retrained and the poopoo just naturally passes by your relaxed sphincter into your soft diapers. Naturally you will wet your little diapers after you void, as all babies do.

    Do not stay in messy diapers for more than a few minutes. NEVER PLAY WITH YOURSELF IN MESSY DIAPERS. THIS IS BAD, and baby will be punished.

    During clean up, it does smell a bit unpleasant, but remind yourself how good it FEELS, and how babyish your FEEL at messing your diapers. Be sure to wash off your bum, crotch and entire diaper area with warm water and mild soap, or with Baby Wipes and get it all clean and sweet smelling. Put baby lotion or oil, and baby powder on baby's diaper area, and then a nice thick soft diaper and plastic panties so baby is well protected again.

    Remove the diaper liner from the diaper and rinse it in the toilet,
    flushing the poopoo away. If baby voided so much that the regular diaper got messy too, then rinse the soiled area in the toilet as well. Wring out the rinsed liner and/or diaper and put them in a plastic baggie to put in your diaper bag. Wash your hands real well with soap and water and put the rest of your clothes on.

    Now you're all ready to go play again, until your next diaper change.


    The suggestions above are really just practical suggestions that more or less follow the regular training methods used by mommies to train little babies, only in reverse. You reward yourself and reinforce the "good, nice" sensations and feelings of wetting and messing your diapers. You reward yourself for wetting and messing your diapers.

    It is not initially possible to "ignore" the conscious awareness of
    needing to void, but by telling yourself to relax and "let it happen"
    you will find your subconscious, the part that actually learned control
    and controls the behaviour responses, begins to accept and adopt the new patterns and responses until you do just void unconsciously. A few days to a week of unconscious natural voiding and you will be wetting and messing just like a little baby. Continue rewarding yourself mentally for being such a good baby, and wetting and messing yourself naturally and easily, and you will never feel ashamed or humiliated or embarrassed about what you now can do.

    Should your mommy or daddy decide it's time for baby to learn to use the potty and start keeping his/her diapers clean or dry during the day, it will take anywhere from a week to a couple of weeks for baby to relearn toilet training, depending on how long baby has been wetting and messing naturally. If it's been a few months, then a week should be sufficient.
    If a year or so, a couple of weeks might be necessary to ensure more
    childlike control.

    If several years, then baby'd better just make sure he/she has some
    plastic panties in his/her diaper bag, "just in case". Accidents will

    Once nighttime diaper training is successful, establishing "dry nights"
    may take a few weeks. Use normal common sense like reducing evening fluid intake, void before bedtime, but wear a diaper for the first few nights until you wake dry. Then try just a diaper with no plastic panties, and finally regular panties or training panties.

    To be honest, most retrained babies find occasional nighttime accidents are normal, especially if they are very tired, or have imbibed alcohol during the evening. Sleeping soundly just seems to result in a nice warm wet bed or diaper the next morning.

    Do not use drugs, laxatives, suppositories or catheters and such during training. Frankly these are not necessary at any time, and the dangers from infections, abuse to the body or damage to natural rhythms and systems far outweighs their effect.

    Stay Wet and Happy

    Mikey and Michelle

    ================================================== =================================

    Diaper Training Rules for BIT's:

    1. BIT's shall wear only diapers and plastic panties at all times.
    Regardless of where they are or what the occasion, a BIT must wear
    diapers and plastic panties at all times, 24 hours a day and 7 days a

    2. BIT's shall drink at least 8 ounces of water, juice or other
    non-alcoholic beverage daily, and two full glasses or bottles of juice
    or water within one hour of bedtime.

    3. BIT's are prohibited from using any form of potty at all times. All
    voiding shall be done in the BIT's diapers only.

    4. BIT's must eat healthy wholesome meals, consisting of fruits, raw
    vegetables and grains as much as possible, to ensure soft, natural easy
    voids. BIT's shall avoid use of any enemas, suppositories and laxatives
    during training, and at all times thereafter.

    5. BIT's shall keep diaper area clean of all body hair, and well
    washed at every diaper change, with a liberal coating of baby lotion,
    baby oil, or Vaseline at each diaper change to ensure soft, clean skin
    and avoid diaper rash or infections. Soiled diapers must be changed
    immediately BIT is sure voiding is complete. Wet diapers must be changed
    within 10 to 15 minutes of BIT discovering they have wet diapers.

    6. BIT's must dispose of all used disposable diapers at their
    residence with their regular garbage so neighbours and interested
    parties know there is a new DD in the neighbourhood. If cloth diapers
    are used [which are preferable and desirable] all wet and soiled diapers
    shall be taken to BIT's residence for laundering or pickup by diaper
    service. If married or parent figure lives with BIT, BIT shall show
    parent the results of each day's training upon arrival at home.

    7. BIT's must always answer inquiries about what they are wearing
    truthfully and with complete honesty. If inquirer asks why they wear
    diapers they must truthfully respond because they void uncontrollably
    like a baby. If asked why they void uncontrollably like a baby them must
    answer because they are just a big baby.

    A happy, big baby, in little wet messy diapers.

    This will be you once you are properly trained.

    Big Baby World
    Unit 11 - 239, 4040 Creditview Rd.
    Mississauga, ON, Canada
    L5C 3Y8

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    Wow... this... just... :dodgy:

    Who here likes Pizza? I love pizza.
    Have some pizza :v

    Back on topic.

    This guide is... something else. Forget you ever read it.

    The easiest way to do what you want to do: wear diapers all day, everyday.

    Wet as soon as you feel the urge, diapered or not. Daytime is much easier then night time, once you got that down bed wetting will follow.

    It's really that easy. None of this "BITs must tell blah blah bah that they are babies"
    What you have here is a fap fantasy guide, not a working tutorial on how to achieve what you want.

    However, I recommend you dont do it. As it is a total life changing decision, like getting gender corrective surgery. You will have to be chained to your changing supplies. It is also bad for your testicular health, your boys dont like being hot all the time. It's not a good idea at all. For most any reason.

    If you are still okay with having to change your wardrobe, life, and taking on a disability (thats what this is). Take 3 solid months of living the life style of carrying diapers with you everywhere, wetting any time anywhere your body says its time to go (that includes the floor... cause if you do go through with it... guess whats gonna happen!). It wont be pleasant at all, trust me. I have issues like this.

    My advice, if you really feel like you need them, just wear diapers. Use them when you need to, and just well... live life normally. No need to change your whole life style just cause your bladder is weak.
    Last edited by Corri; 14-Jan-2010 at 23:57.

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    I already wear diaper 24/7 for weak bladder problem but still I am disable can't work so not worry about carrying diaper around do that already both parent know and all family. I only can hold small amount pee in bladder and go all time feel and press but hold for few secound end wet self . I am already half in Incontinent cause by my medication take for epilsey now want make it full.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babylife247 View Post
    I already wear diaper 24/7 for weak bladder problem but still I am disable can't work so not worry about carrying diaper around do that already both parent know and all family. I only can hold small amount pee in bladder and go all time feel and press but hold for few secound end wet self . I am already half in Incontinent cause by my medication take for epilsey now want make it full.
    Dont hold it.

    Give it time, and it will happen.

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    I can't deny it, this guide was a very interesting read.
    However; I still think it's the wrong way to go in order to enjoy the feeling of wetting/messing your diapers.
    To me, it's enough by just wearing diapers and go in them when you feel like going to the bathroom otherwise.

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    It was an interesting read indeed, however, becoming potty trained in the first place is kinda like riding a bicycle, you never sorta forget. I dont really think there is any natural way of unpotty training yourself apart from wearing 24/7 and I would think that would have to be for a very very long time to eventually achieve it.

    From what Ive heard it can be very tricky to "re-train" yourself, so I would make sure it what you absolutly want before you go ahead. Me personally, I wouldnt do it.

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    Yeah that would said my self that why wounder if was safe because a lot people on this say would do it reason not want and not safe. In this document send with method it seem
    safe but was not sure that why ask on here you all good on advice.

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    Seriously? Like Corri said, this is just a fap fantasy. It's not good advice for anybody to follow, as it locks you into a set of delusions from which you could probably not escape. Don't think about "oh me baby me go poopy in diaper." Don't even think overmuch about keeping your bladder empty. Just, when you feel the urge to go, let go. If nothing comes out, shrug and carry on. Wait for the next urge. THAT is the natural way of losing control. It is ALSO very easy to reverse and regain control this way, because the only change you have to make is consciously halting the "habit" of letting go when the urge hits.

    Do it that way, and you'll have a handy escape route in case it's not what you want.

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    Ok yeah your right this method does seem lit odd but a lot people send to try and seem like do this no escape route if want one. so you better want like do for good reason not going be happy. But do like not hold it see how it goes I hop it work Iand already use to being wet and mess diaper so it no big deal there feeling this.

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    I know this is on deeker, but apparently its worked for some....
    I got the link from DD btw :X

    Personally, I feel that babies do know they need to go.... they just don't know any better then to just go :X. Thats how I act when I'm being little....

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