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Thread: Haiti Eathquake

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    Default Haiti Eathquake

    The story.

    Just thought it should be mentioned here. There's talk of forty or fifty thousand deaths and up to three million injured or displaced.

    Consider donating to the Disasters Emergency Committee appeal, or any similar charity appeal.

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    That's ridiculous... =/

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    I've been following it closely. Truly horrible. I just cant imagine the chaos and pain. Apparently the limited infrastructure that Haiti had was badly damaged and it has made the massive arrival of international aid hard to organize and use effectively.

    If I was a praying man, I'd pray. But, all I can offer is my hopeful wishes and good vibes.

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    This is horrible... It saddens me when I see these poor people and their loss...
    I can't imagine how it must feel...
    My thoughts are with the people of Haiti in these troubled times.

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    I saw the address from Canada's Governor-General, Michelle-Jean. It was quite moving, because she was born in Haiti.

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    That realy sucks. I watched that in my current events class. They had to use there hands to get them out. I hope not too many people are hurt.

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    These people have so little... then this shit happens. I definitely second what Jaiden suggested, us more fortunate folk should, if not have the responsibility, to contribute to relief efforts. Not to promote a certain relief group or anything, but I found that Worldvision will accept Paypal. Paypal is basically the only means of payment I have, since I have no Credit Card or any other means of payment, besides old fashioned checks, which take forever, and time is of the essence here.

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    I have been following this closely as well. Unfortunately a friend has been in the process of adopting two daughters from Haiti for over a year now, but it has taken a long time due to bureaucracy and corruption. Now, only a few months from being cleared to bring them home, this has happened, and he has no idea if they are safe or even alive. Its absolutely crazy down there right now.

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    Just... Pure... Devastation. Lets hope it is not as bad as it is seen to be and also not hear anything about Kanye West as we all did after Hurricane Katrina.

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    Haiti is probably the worst place for a large scale disaster to take place.

    I don't think any of us here can understand the level of destruction Port-au-Prince has seen. It's crazy, and unfair.

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