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Thread: And now my mum knows....

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    Default And now my mum knows....

    I am sure my mum has had some sort of idea that her little son still likes to wear diapers.

    It was about 3 months or even more ago when we moved back into my mums to save some money. She told me that she went to put something in my bottom draw next to the bed. My heart sank! Nothing more was said at that point.

    It wasn't till just recently when I had a rather large parcel turn up on the door step, she insist that she wanted to know what I had purchased. as she rattled off what 'could' be the contence she finally said it 'Nappies?' (as we call them here in NZ but I like Diapers) I just looked at her and said Drop it.

    That was kind of the end of the subject untill it came to rubbish day when she said "I have left the bin just by the gate, I've emptyed your bin by the door but if you 'other' bin needs emptying, just remember to take the bin out please."

    So from that I knew she knows about my DL life style. Since then nothing more has been said but I am sure it will come up as in the past she has caught me before when I was like 10 stealing my cousins diapers.

    I could just confess but untill I am ready I do like to keep it my secret...

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    woow your lucky. she looks really open about it.. i would try to get as much as i can out of this great moment.

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    It does sound like your mum has been aware of your DL side for some time.
    However, I get the impression that she's quite fine and open minded about it. And that by itself is great, is it not?
    If you want to confess or not is up to you, and you should do it when you feel ready for it.
    Since your mum hasn't made a big topic out of it yet, maybe your secret is fine for now and you can keep it for yourself?
    Listen to yourself and do what you want to do.
    Best wishes!

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    I wouldn't confess unless she brings it up, or you really really want too. Just make sure you keep it quiet, and respect her house :P

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    It's cool that you mom seems so open about it.

    My mother discovered my AB side in the most unsavory fashion imaginable, and she still brings up how uncomfortable she is with it to this day.

    How did she discover it? By digging through my closet (in my own apartment, while I was in the kitchen making her dinner, while I was foolish enough to assume she would respect my privacy in my own apartment and NOT dig through my closet) and discovered my cloth diaper pail with three soaked diapers in it (I used to wear cloth, and wash them on every third day - so I was going to wash them later that evening). She then went to me, and become passive aggressive about it. "Kaworu, your bedroom closet really reeks of urine. You should do something about it. Maybe you should quit being so weird."

    Well, what gave her the right to even enter my bedroom to begin with? Much less, my bedroom closet? She wasn't paying the rent there, so she should have respected my boundaries.

    She has always asked me prying and unbelievably inappropriate questions about my sexuality before (such as "did you have anal sex with your first boyfriend, and does the pleasure and pain mix work for you?" - she seriously asked me those questions once, and saw nothing wrong with it). Ever since she made that discovery by a further violation of my boundaries, the questions got even worse.


    Well, sorry this reply turned into a vent.

    In any case, it is cool the way your mother handles it.

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    You are in a fairly unique situation. Although she may not understand (she might think you have bed wetting problems and are embarassed if anything) she is still willing to have some acceptance.

    She obviously wanted to bring it up but not in a harassing or demeaning way.

    I would say as long as you do your part, keep your diapers in one location, throw out used diapers ASAP (out of respect for her... it is her house) then the subject doesn't need to be brought up.

    I myself have had far worse situations and conversations over wearing diapers mainly with my father.

    I moved in with my girlfriend just over a year ago really, and back last Feb he was bed ridden for about 1-2 days with a massive back pull.

    The one day I came over because he was in so much pain and couldn't move he needed an ambulance (which he then didn't want to bother going to the hospital) but at one point he said to me "I'm not trying to make you feel bad, but I think I need one of your diapers, I can't get up to use the bathroom")

    My heart sank and I didn't say anything. He knew it was something I liked, and he knew I kept and wore diapers when I lived at home, but it was one of those things where I just never want to talk about it with my parents, family or friends.

    Anyways, she's somewhat accepting and as long as she knows you're not open to discussion, and she respects that, then fine. She already knows so that's out of the way.

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    It sounds like you are more worried about her knowing than you should be. From her reaction and relative respect for your privacy, it doesn't sound like she minds. She might even appreciate you opening up to her. You could at least assure her that you are not having problems at night and that you are not doing anything devious. Good luck!

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    Being the person I am I wouldn't tell her but I not saying you should be like me I think you will know when it's time to tell her

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    Sounds like the situation i am in currently, put it like this ... your mom knows, so your secret at this point in time is all about plausible deniability.

    You haven't openly admitted to it and thats literally all you have, yet its becoming more and more obvious to you both how much your mother is aware of your lifestyle.

    I would advice you however to just become open with it in the sense where if she ever mentions it, do your best to play it as something natural, because to me it seems like she doesn't have a major problem with it... but she might be to embarrassed to talk about it or feel that it would embarrass you.

    My mother i believe feels the latter even though she occasionally "pinches" my butt(to see if im wearing i can only assume), which she has done for a while, but now with renewed vigor ever since she found an empty nappy package wrapper.

    If your mother had a problem with it, she would not be serving the situation as she currently is, this im 100% confident in as i see my mother doing the same actions, however ill admit you are a lot more "caught" then i am =p

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    Hey thanks for all the great comments, has made me think about it more, We are a very open famliy. we dont generally hide to many things about our lives. I dont mind to much that she knows. its just been so many years hiding it it was more just a shock that she didn't really do anything.

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