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Thread: Corneria is in Trouble!

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    Default Corneria is in Trouble!



    De dabba de deb deb!

    Dwe dwe dwe dabba!

    Dib dib! Dib dib!

    Bwe bwee! Bwebwe bweeb!

    *lasers firing, ships dodging, buildings collapsing*

    Dib dibba! Dibdib!

    Dibdib, dib?

    *Fox shoots more stuff and does a barrel roll*

    *Clumsy robots almost drop a building on Fox*

    Dib dibbit, dib dib!

    *Slippy starts chasing a ship*

    Dib-a-dib, dib!

    *Ship starts chasing Slippy*

    Dib dibbi dib!

    *Fox flies around the city because he can*

    *Ship attacks Falco*

    Dah dubph guh gub gub!

    *Fox saves Falco's ass again*

    Gub guh gub gab!

    beep beep, beep beep! (Boss time)


    *Fox kills it with no help from his wingmen*

    De dabba deb dedeb!

    Dib dibbit, dib dib!

    Babba bab, beb bib bab!

    Dwe dwe dwe dabba.

    *the four fly off into space*

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    XD Win. Pure and utter win. Unfortunately, I can't let you do that Blanch. *fires lasers*

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    this is really funny for me because i have that game for the n64. and it is exactly like that. slippy always gets chased and no one cares. you always save falco, because its not like your helping slippy or anything. peppy doesn't do anything. and you do all the work.

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    I think those images are from the SNES game. Not 100% sure though. It is pretty much like that though. Fox ends up doing everything.

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