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    Default My introduction and story

    Hello All -

    I've never come out and introduced myself, as this side of me had always been very private. In fact, no one knows that I'm into this lifestyle.

    I guess my story starts off with how I ended up this way. I was toilet trained during the day at a very early age...before turning 2, but night training came much later. I wore diapers to bed and for naps until just after I turned 7 and I have no doubt that is why I ended up the way I did. I remember it well and look back on that time very fondly. I remember being embarrassed about being that old and still in diapers at night, but I also remember that I loved getting ready for bed. My parents divorced when I was 4, right after my little sister was born. We lived with my mom,so it was either my mom or my babysitter who got me ready for bed (my mom was a nurse and worked a lot of graveyard shifts). My Dad didn't like that his son was almost 5 and still wearing diapers at night, so when I stayed with him, I just woke up in a wet bed every morning.

    Though diapers were a private thing at my house, they weren't a big deal. I don't think my mom wanted people to know I was still wearing to bed, so she never tried to embarrass me or anything like that. She never even made me feel bad about it...It was really just a part of my pajamas. I think that part I hated most was having to go grocery shopping with her and going down the diaper aisle and having her pick out diapers for two kids. I hated it because I knew the checker and bagger knew the XL boy diapers were for time the bagger thought she was kidding with me when she asked if they were for me. I tried to ignore it as a joke, but them my mom jumped in and defensively said, "only at night" They bagger looked shocked.

    Aside from public embarrassment, I remember that I loved bedtime. I would be diapered about an hour before bed and then would watch TV before being tucked in. I would sometimes pretend I had an accident in that hour, but looking back on it, I knew what I was doing. It was usually with my babysitter cause I knew she wouldn't get mad like my mom would. I think I just wanted the attention of being changed, like my sister did. I also didn't give up the pacifier all that easy. Especially after the divorce, I loved the comfort it gave me when going to bed. My mom allowed it as long as I had a diaper on, and other than those times, strictly off limits. I also loved watching cartoons in the morning while still diapered. I hated weekend mornings when I mom would come into the living room with a fresh diaper and wipes to change my sister because then I knew my diaper was coming off...I remember wishing that as long as we were home, I wanted to be changed like her.

    The babysitter thing was never really that bad. I had the same sitter from when I was a baby, so having her put my diaper on once I got older, didn't bother me that much. But when she couldn't sit, and my mom would have to find another sitter, my diaper situation was humiliating. I begged my mom to just let me go without one that night, but my mom would just play it off as no big deal, and tell the sitter I needed a night diaper. I hated it when they would treat me like my sister at bedtime, but once again looking back on it, I think I kinda liked it.

    My wetting just kinda wore off after my 7th b-day. The timing was right. My sister was just finishing up potty training and was quick to night train, not to mention baby diapers were getting awfully tight on me. I remember my mom using extra scotch tape toward the end cause the tapes would come off as I would get up after having my diaper put on. Though I loved my diapers, I was ready to be out of them. I knew I was just too old and I wanted to grow up.

    From that day on, I always loved the thought of diapers. When I got older and would help my sister babysit, I would always find out where the diapers were and inspect them...but I always kept it a secret

    I lived a pretty normal childhood and went on to go to college and have become successful. I haven't started a family of my own yet, but plan to someday. I don't really wear or indulge in the lifestyle anymore...its more about the nostalgia from childhood. My heart does race still when I walk down the diaper aisle at the store. I think about my blue pampers with mickey on them or my blue luvs with kermit on them and I wish I could relive those days.

    Anyway, thats my story. Wrote way more than I thought. I guess I just started and all the memories came back. Nice to meet you all. Please share simular stories if you have them.

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    Wow you sound like an intresting person. I will hope you have a good time here at adisc. I look forward to listening to your opinions. You seem like a nice guy.

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    Welcome to ADISC and junk. Watch out for the massive Super Mario-esque Venus Fly-Trap monster, and by that I mean, be on the look out. I haven't seen one yet, but I hope to someday, and if you manage to spot it please be kind enough to tell me where it is so I can bring it back to New York and exploit it for my own selfish causes, except for then it escapes, goes on a rampage (like the Nintendo 64, not the arcade or future console ones) and then it gets that potion thing and turns into the purple bat and that's when things really went crazy.

    Hope you enjoy it here.

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    That was a really GREAT introduction, genuine and honest. I think you will really fit into this forum. Please tell us more about yourself, interests, activities, hobbies, etc...

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    Welcome to ADISC! Nice intro! Hope ya enjoy it here and our supportive community. Peace and Love

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    A jolly good welcome to ADISC, Mavrick!
    Wow, your intro was quite something!
    You seem like a very nice person with allot of things to share, I hope we get to hear more from you during your stay.

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