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    Has anyone ever tested what it smells like to be around someone with a wet diaper, can you even smell it at all, how does time affect it, it has to be another person because you cannot smell your own.

    Would like to know!

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    I've have a bunch of little cousins in my lifetime, and remember their diaper days. Yes, if you let pee simmer for a while, it does smell. But as far as it smelling immediately, no. Not unless you took some vitamins, or ate some asparagus- which makes pee really stink! I don't recommend eating asparagus.. Also, if you haven't had the proper water intake, that can make pee smell too, just not as bad as the asparagus.

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    A peed in diaper thats near kind a smells like corn flakes, is not all that bad.

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    Like Chromos said, if you leave it long enough it starts to smell. Although, I doubt anyone would want to be in a diaper hours on end.

    My little sister smells like pee when she wakes up in the morning, because thats like 10-12hrs in the same diaper. The only other time I can smell it if, lets say, I'm laying on the ground, and she comes to sit next to my head, and her diaper is right in my face (ewww).

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    ATN's smell good when wet. I'm wearing right now using up my 10 remaining ones my mom doesn't know about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Alex View Post
    ATN's smell good when wet. I'm wearing right now using up my 10 remaining ones my mom doesn't know about.
    I hope for your sake and hers she dose not find out about them. Anyways I don't have any TB/AB/DL friends offline. But my dad has never commented on anything and he knows I wear sometimes.

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    Yeah I am with everyone else, it does not smell until after an hour or 2, if it is a diaper with odor control, which most diapers are now. The more color your pee has to it, the more it is going to smell. Things that give it more color and smell are things that have been already stated like vitamins, aspargus, being dehydrated (drinking lots of soda), and some medications can make it smell funky too.

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    So do I fire. Although I'm trying to get my psych family fixer to help. I don't know whose side he is on on this particular issue.

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    I've been around other people with wet diapers, and yes, I was able to smell them. However, that was after they've spent a few hours in them and I was so close that I was able to undo the tapes (i.e. I've only smelled the pee the moment before I proceeded to take the diaper off them).


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    I have a wet one on right now, I put it on about noon today it's about 5pm now, I did my walk, and unless I wet heavily I can't smell it, but I have a tendency to flood and then I can smell the oder.

    I usually remove the diaper around 6pm, since I found this new system I can wear it without leaks untill I decide to take it off, before i had to take it off because of the leaking.

    I started this about three weeks ago and in that time I had only one day with a leak.

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