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Thread: its me

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    Default its me

    well lets see i am jasbn i am a dl/ab i live in texas and want to meet new freinds here so hit me up

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    We are totally into befriending you.

    But we don't know you very well: we don't have any grounds to know if you are compatible with us as individuals; we take friendship seriously and just your being into dl/ab isn't enough to establish a one on one relationship.

    Me: I have some close friends here but not with every one of the thousands of members; we got to know each other over time, and learned if we liked each other or not through interaction, and demonstrations of the sort of person we are, which comes down to what we reveal about ourselves in our posts.

    So if you say what kind of people you would like to make friends with, their interests and opinions, and other stuff like whether you prefer laid back people, or go-getters, radicals or moderates, or whatever, it'll help attract the people you might want to get to know.

    Stuff like your describing your politics, preferred video games, musical tastes, and so on are the sort of things we are interested in. AB roleplay might happen in private between you and people later, but even for that people like to know who they are dealing with - as I am sure you do too!

    In the meantime, if you read THE RULES in the header you will know what ADISC is about, the sort of site it is and the sort of people who are its members.

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    Welcome to adisc. You realy should decribe yourself to people more but thats your choice. If you want though Ill be friends with you. Other that that i hope you injoy it here.

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    ok lets try again.
    I am Jasbn i am 28 i wear for fun and the occasional bedwetter. i was in the military and was injured in the war in iraq was sent out on a med discharge and now i am going to school to become a respitory therapist. i like to listen to music all types mostly RnB, i like BBQ pizza, i really love to watch movies favorite adult -- boondock saints
    kiddish-- finding nemo.. i started wearing in 2006 till now. i did have a thing for them when i was younger... like about 14 or 15 is when i first found out about this.. i got my first diaper around 14 and have been kinda hooked since then altho i did not get to wear when i was in the military but now that i am out i wear at night mostly but can catch me in them in the day sometimes.... i am hoping to find some freinds that share the same type of movie music and just a good chat about anything... i am new to this so if there is anything i left out or i should mention please be nice about it and let me know....

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    Hey there jasbn and welcome

    feel free to PM (private message) me for anything if you want mate

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    thanks.... i hop i got the intro right this time....

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    Quote Originally Posted by jasbn View Post
    thanks.... i hop i got the intro right this time....
    Oh you did, absolutely. When I see your username I will think of you, the you you described above.

    It is hard to know what I might say to a vet, and one injured serving their country, except that I am glad you survived, and I hope you go on to prosper. And that it must have really sucked, not being able to wear, in a time you probably needed the comfort most.

    I salute you.

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    thank you.... in a way it did suck but i rarely thought of it to be honest... but i am doing better now i only have one problem and thats the reason i wear during the day sometimes as if i am not gonna be around a bathroom i can get to quickly.. i cant run... my knee was fused and they did surgry and well it was the best they could do at the time and there is nothing more they can do now so i will never be able to run again... but oh well

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    Hey Jasbn, I'm really glad you told us more about yourself because - DAMN! - what an interesting story you have. By the way, I was also in the military - long time ago - never fought in a war - still we have something in common. Your profile says you're gay - me too. Just curious, did you know you were gay in the military? Did you ever have any problems with that? Anyway, I don't live anywhere near Texas, but I hope we can be online buddies anyway.


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    well thanks and ya i did know i was gay and no probs cause i did not let anyone know, and thats not the whole story either... i just might as well explain now.... i was in iraq and my squad was on the last patrol before we was to return home, and well we were driving down the dirt road and BOOOOOOM my truck is hit with an IED (improvised explosive device) and i was launched 30-60 ft out of the truck (not sure i was told differ stories) anyway i was transferd to Germany and stayed there for a few days so i can be stable. after i was stable enough i was transfered to maryland and was there for a month.. a couple of weeks in ICU and then taken to a regular room,,, i broke my leg in 3 places my right arm in 2 my jaw in 3 crushed my left foot both lungs collapsed... if u want to know more... well there is not any more its it

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