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Thread: public diaper.... :)

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    Default public diaper.... :)

    Original Style
    (with plastic backing) - Abri-Form Plus (M1)

    is usually what i wear in public due to the fact they arent that BIG and bulky...

    how is the next step up in public? the super or xplus??? are they thick and noticable...

    also how is the MOLICARE.... i am not worried about the purple color...

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    The Plus is incredibly easy to wear due to its being so thin. When you're looking for more absorbency when wearing in public, I would recommend the Super first (which is what I wear - always). I've worn an X-Plus out before, however, it was a size smaller than what I would normally wear. It held up VERY well, but it wasn't as bulky as it would've been in my actual size.

    I work in fashion (retail management to be exact), so I deal with lots of denim and pants on a daily basis. I've found through trial and error, that the darkest washes of denim are the most inconspicuous. They don't show lines or leaks whatsoever. You can go completely loose fit if that fits your style, but it certainly doesn't for me. I just wear a straight leg jean that has a mid-rise; no low rise denim over diapers. Also, I tend to be very conscious of how my ass looks when padded, and I discovered that the more I hike my jeans UP, the WORSE it looks. It's best to just let the jeans hang a bit to look more natural.

    As far as Molicare goes, they're alright! I'm not too familiar with them, so perhaps there's a review floating around. When I had some sample packs, I felt like they broke apart after only a few wettings. Who knows, maybe I had some acidic pee back then.

    This post was way too long, but I hope I gave you some insight on wearing in public. In short, you can get away with any diaper in public - as long as you're not letting your shirt ride up, etc. I wear an Abena Bodystocking (a tank top onesie) and it is amazing for giving me confidence.

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    I've worn both x plus and molicare out without a hiccup. The molicares are actually quite good because they have a very soft plastic and no taping panel (that makes them quiet.) X plus definately make your bum look bigger, but not abnormally so. My wife can definately tell when I am wearing either of these diapers, but your average stranger would not know any different. I usually stick with a slimmer diaper if I am going out in public for a decent period of time just to be safe.

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    Hi! I'm new to the forum, but I wear in public fairly often. Here's my two cents:

    I've also worn both Abena x-plus and Molicare super-plus in public without any issues. I wear loose fitting cargo pants over them and you can't really tell. Molicare is a bit easier to wear under pants (especially if you wear a belt like I do) because the padding doesn't go up as far in front. I personally prefer the Abena x-plus because I like more padding in front. I've found it to be much more comfortable to wear a diaper with a high capacity than one that's thinner because it reduces the chances of leaking. I'd actually say its easier to wear either of those in public than Depends, since Depends are so crinkly and they leak too easily.

    One thing to keep in mind is that what seems like an obvious diaper bulge to you is not likely to be noticed by random members of the public. They don't know what you usually look like and so have no basis of comparison.

    That's just what I've experienced, I hope it helps!

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    I guess it all depends on your size and how you are built, etc.
    I always hear that people wear x-plus and molicare super plus out in public without any issues, but for ME, I cant even fit a pair of pants over a x-plus, and the molicare super plus is worse yet.
    I am VERY skinny (3-4% body fat) 5'9" very athletic build, and even if I try to put larger pants on that will fit over the x-plus, it still looks like I have a diaper on under my pants to people who know me, and I imagine to others it looks like I have a fat crotch, lol.

    I refuse to wear "urban wear" crotch to your knees jeans, but I am sure if you wear those you could fit a whole pack of x-pluses in them without anyone noticing (never understood why someone would wear there pants like that)

    While in public I usually wear a molicare air active, or a molicare classic plus, and you cant tell that I am wearing, even with slim proper fitting jeans you cant tell. Those diapers absorb a good amount for ME, I am 130 pounds, and probably produce alot less urine then someone who weights 250, so those diapers are not going to work for everyone.
    I dont even buy x-plus or molicare super plus as they are a waist of money for me, and to balky between my legs to try to sleep in

    Sooo, what you wear in public should be unique to what you want/need

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    Anything can be noticeable if you want it to be. Wearing the right clothing will hide a diaper real easy. Because I am incontinent, I wear all the time. I just make sure my jeans are a larger size and my shirt is long enough that if I raise my hands my waist line doesn't show. Sometime I will even ask my wife before going out, does this outfit show my diapered butt?

    I have worn out in public and to work, Dry24/7, Abena XPlus, and many others.

    It's easier to change a wet diaper than wet pants.

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