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Thread: Anger and Rage

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    Default Anger and Rage

    Okay, so there is a vast difference between anger and rage, from a psychological point of view, even though they are quite often used synonymously. Anyways, anger generally refers to something that just pisses you off, and makes you mad, you want to vent, but at the same time you are in a sense trying to come to an agreement or a resolution. Rage on the other hand, can be caused by the same things that cause anger, but the triggers are usually more severe, or repetitive. When you are enraged you are extremely angry, but you aren't in any way aiming to come to a resolution or agreement with someone, or something, you just want to see something or someone burn (metaphor). When the temptations of rage are carried out they would almost always be a lot more severe than those of anger, and can cause a lot more damage.

    But anyways, I'm asking about experiences with situations where you felt angriest, or even consumed with rage, or just experiences in general where you felt like you were not yourself because of these negative emotions, or whether or not they have changed you. This is probably a weird topic for Adisc, but I'm curious.

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    Rage sucks... glad I dumped that weight years ago.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I used to get consumed with rage at my father (the sociopathic, sexual sadist who raised me). But I think the emotion has been downgraded to mere "hate" over the years. Unlike in Christianity, Wicca makes no obligation to forgive people who aren't sorry.

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    i worked in a call centre.
    i think there was a clear distinction between my just being angry and rage : i ripped the arm off the chair i was sitting on.

    when people call these call centres, people tend to find it easier to become very unpleasant to the person at the other end of the phone. This because they're not face to face ( so much so that it's an accepted fact within the call centre profession ) so i'm fully aware of this whilst at work.
    my rage would surface when logical and rational thinking or communication is no longer with the individual i'm dealing with.
    i'm very proud to say i know a great deal about the telecommunication industry i.e telephone lines and broadband... it's when some slack jaw or toffee nose snob is telling me what to do when they haven't fully grasped the situation ....
    i turn green rip of my clothes and vandalise office furnishings . is that what your looking for?

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    I strugle with waaaay to much anger and rage. Most of the time I can control myself and deal with the anger, but sometimes when it builds and gets out of control it can be pretty tough for me to deal with. When I get that angery, when I have a hard time controlling it, and it is more like rage, I tend to take it out on myself to try to calm myself down, usually by injuring myself, usually biting my hand or punching something.
    This is made complicated for me because of the disabilities/issues I experience are usually what causes me to get like this.

    I have tried some different meds before, and they sure did keep me calm, but even the weakest stuff had me feeling major doped up and unable to function, so I just deal with it and try my best to see the positives and think positive as much as I can

    funkybeanie, is this you in this video?
    YouTube - Office stress Smashing Computer
    I could actually see myself doing that, maybe with a little more smashing

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    It's always been a losing battle when it comes to me and my anger and rage. Even the slightest things such as the items in the fridge or on the kitchen counter being moved out of their ordinary positions is more than enough to throw me into a rage. I once threw my wallet through my bedroom door because my mother had refused to agree with my political opinions.
    That said, i wouldn't trade my extreme irritability for all the money in the world. It's my hatred, rage and anger that shaped me into the person i am today and without them i'd be just like the rest of my family.

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    I'm very laid back, and don't really get angry.

    The worst I get is irritable or snappy, but only really when I'm thirsty or hungry.

    I am actually struggling to think of a time where I've gotten really angry. If somebody's talking rubbish that can get on my tits, but I usually I walk away from those situations.

    Being angry doesn't really help anybody. One of the things that was always said at my kick boxing gym was "Don't get mad!", which was directed at people fighting in the ring.
    I've seen plenty of people lose their rag in there, and they always get sloppy and desperate. Then they get angrier... their guard goes down... they get a kick to the head!
    The same happens in real life too!
    Take 5 deep breathes... and then plot your revenge slowly and rationally.

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    They are certainly to different things to me, and I think your description of 'being pissed off' fits my anger perfectly. About 99% of the time if I get annoyed I feel a seething inside but I take a deep breath and carry on, I'm quite a restrained person.

    However if you go on and on and on at me, then you eventually get to rage.
    Let's say....... well....... you don't want to be on the end of that one.

    Last time I was in a rage - this was in school about 1 1/2 years ago - I flipped over 5 tables, threw 3 chairs across the classroom, and knocked over the guy with one blow (and I'm generally pathetically weak)

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    I used to get very angry and it would build up in me until i raged all over random objects like walls and lockers... i learned to calm down and embrace the "hippie" in me and just mellloowwww out which i love, but i know i can tap into the rage if need be =P

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    I can get angry very quick, though I don't show it one bit. I've never seen the point of acting on anger, all you do is act stupid. What frustrates me more than anything is other people getting angry at anything. It makes me feel like I'm getting the short end of the stick by working hard to not get angry and other people don't give a damn about everyone around them. I can usually get into a "rage" if I need to do something physically, but it's more of a happy frenzy than a rage.

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