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Thread: Coming to terms...

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    Default Coming to terms...

    I have a heart condtion that causes me to have skipped beats, doubled beats, chest pain, trouble falling asleep, excessive daytime sleepiness.

    I cant have caffeine , i cant drink tea or coffee...

    And the kicker is is limiting how much i can work and that only makes matters worse cause i ( like most people ) need money...

    Any ideas or advice for me?

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    Sounds like you have what is called a Heart Murmur, They can be problematic for some people. The only thing I can Suggest for you is to find a job that you can work at a slow pace or where your anxiety doesn't go through the roof. I realise that doesn't leave much to the imagination but its the truth. Have you talked with your doctor about some of the things you can do?

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    avoid caffeine , dont smoke, avoid stress was all he said

    I have done all of those to the best of my ability

    And I have PVC's with Bigeminy and Trigeminy

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    ouch.... Well you may wanna ask him about work that you are allowed to do. I mean besides working a computer for 8 hours a day I dun see what else you could do

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    currently i work in a pizza kitchen because cooking is the only job i am trained in.

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    Hmmm, Well I guess for now your gonna have to try and do your best to not let yourself get stressed out or overworked in case your ticker decides its not gonna play no more

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    go to college, take one class at a time towards a field of study which will lead to a job where you can go at a chilled pace. Maybe start a service where you can type term papers for students at a college, or run errands for people.

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    I can think of all sorts of jobs that sound about like what you're looking for. I don't know what sort of physical limitations (lifting, etc.) figure into your criteria though. One of the jobs I had in the past was with folks that fixed gadgets. I think my direct supervisor only had like a two year degree. Others there probably had more. Given their particular employer (and the region), the pay was pretty competitive. Not terribly physical: they fixed scientific gadgets in a cool lab, and everyone had cubicles too.

    The job I have right now is pretty cool. Fairly flexible schedule, lots of reading and writing. Interesting work, good coworkers, and in my opinion, low stress. I could go into more detail about what I do, but I'd prefer not to. Still, just going by what you shared, I bet you could handle the sorts of things I do.

    This may sound trite ( is trite), but I would not recommend searching for a job based on what you can't do. Sure, you have to keep your health and safety in mind, but start your search based on your strengths and interests. Find something that's a good match for you, then see about making it work for your health too.

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    I was born with a heart murmur, but I eventually grew out of it. (according to my mom) I'm not sure really what advice to give you =\

    Maybe just try eating healthy foods, keep a nice minimum stress schedule and work out slightly before heading to bed. It may help you get more sleep.

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