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Thread: The Stash is Movin' out

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    Default The Stash is Movin' out

    Well for me it is looking more and more like I will be going away to college. Since I will be going away, my diaper stash, or what is left of it come august will be going with me. So, I ask you this... for those that have gone to college, how did you go about transferring your stash to college?

    How did you move it out of your current hiding place?
    How did you pack them without arising suspicion?
    How/where did you hide them once you got there?

    I just thought of this the other day and the truth is, I really have no idea what to do about them, lol.

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    I haven't done this yet but I had some thoughts about it.

    Find a place to temporary hide them.
    Move the rest of your room.
    Move the stuff from the temp hiding place to your new room.
    The first and last obviously need some privacy.

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    I'm a first-year college student.

    I have a longer-term storage location in my house where I'm stashing many of my things. Frankly, roommates make it damn near impossible to be an AB/DL in college. My roommate told me before moving in that he on occasion spends the night in his boyfriend's room which has proven to be entirely untrue. Thus, I have a pack of GoodNites and a blanket sleeper here packed in a tiny duffel bag, unusable probably until either I spend a weekend at adaffme's place (he's pretty close to where I live) or go home/to visit mm3 for spring break.


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    Just pack it in a suitcase, or put it in your car.

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    Luckaly I don't share rooms, but as for transporting your goods.

    I had everything in boxes and everything was sealed. What I would do is put small items in a smallish box seal it with parcel tape and then place it in a bigger box and fill it with your normal stuff. I have a habit of ordering things online and keeping the cardboard boxes as storage/moving boxes.

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    Unless you have a lot of clothing or other toys that's the safest thing to do is use them up before you go and buy more when you get there.

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    Yeah, I moved home about 6 months ago, and my family helped me move.

    There is a good argument for not replemishing your stash near to moving, as then there is less to hide. But, there is also sense in purposely restocking if you can currently buy nappies easily and are uncertain you will be able to later on at your new home.

    I chose the latter and had two new packs to transport. I had two suitcases, one of which I allocated to the nappies. They filled the whole suitcase easily. I tried to leave them in their original unopened packs where possible since they are so tightly vacuum packed in there. Then I laid normal clothes over and around the nappy packs so that at a glance, if it had been opened, if would look like regular clothes. I packed my other case with actual normal clothes, and everything else in labelled boxes, bags etc.

    During the move, no one opened any of my belongings. No one had any reason to suspect it was anything other than clothes in there.

    When I arrived at my new home, my family helped unload my things into my new place, but then they left me to unpack in my own time.

    The difference here though, was that I was moving in with someone who already knows about and tolerates the nappies. If it had been a different set-up, I'd have would have had to find a new hiding place. And unpack whilst alone.

    Then...the exciting bit...finding new local stores that sell them.

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    When I moved house 3 years ago, I just put it into a box taped it up & put it in my car rather than the van. Just keep it with you etc...

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    When I moved out, I had a backpack, several file boxes, and an opaque laundry bag full of clothes. I filled the backpack to capacity, kept my eye on it at all times, and the rest of them I buried beneath the clothes in the bag and the other things in the boxes. I also taped the boxes shut so that they wouldn't open up accidently. When at school, I lined a milk crate with a black plastic bag, put all my things in it, covered it with a stack of towels, and put it in the back of my closet.

    Big piece of advice -- get a storage unit to keep things in over the breaks. It makes keeping a stash much easier.

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    I had a full tower computer, and as long as it wasn't turned on it would hold a couple full packs of diapers if carefully placed.

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