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    It is nice to find a forum free from all the abuse and spam, one sees on some others.

    My names Andy, i'm 38 and live in South West England, near Bristol. I guess i'm primarily a nappy wearer, but quite interested in the whole punishment / regression thing (that is me being punished / regressed, not the other way around!).

    I think my story of how I got into nappies is not dissimilar to many others. As a small child, I had probably a greater number of accidents than is usual - I think my mum was too stressed about potty training, and I was bit lazy which made a bad combination. I remember as a young child (I guess 4 or 5) being threatened with being put back into nappies - very much as a punishment for wetting / messing, although this did not actually happen. I also recall quite a few accidents in my first few years at school. Oddly though, i also remember trying on my younger brothers plastic pants over my pyjamas, probably aged about 4, so something must have started in me even back then.

    Then as a teenager, I guess age 13, I found a clean disposable nappy on a path 9toddler size) that must of fallen off a pram. I took it home, very excited but of course it would not fit. This was the early 80's and with a few exceptions, the largest disposable nappies were pretty small. Ten in about '85 Peaudouce (remember them?) started making 'child size' nappies, that with a lot of stretching of plastic I could squeeze into. Also, Boots the Chemist made enormous plastic baby pants called 'Brumas pants', into which I fitted easily.

    Several years and many binge-purge cycles later, I got to University and discovered in the pre-web days the 'gopher' search engine (DOS script) and realised others were out there with the same interest. Also, I discovered adult size nappies, the first of which I brought from the Glasgow Sauchihall street branch of Boots the Chemist (they were actually quite good back then).

    Anyway, fast forward a few years. I am now happily semi-married (living with partner of 8 years). She knows of my interests, but has no interest herself, which is fine (though a bit of a pity!). I wear nappies etc when at home by myself. I like Tena slip maxis, the old style Kendall lille, Abriform and Molicares. But has to be plastic backed! I quite enjoy forcing myself to use the nappy, i.e. using suppositories. I've been to two nurseries (ab) but did not really enjoy the experience (and was very expensive!).

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    Welcome to ADISC! Do you have any hobbies or interests? Hope ya enjoy it here and our supportive community. Peace and Love

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    Hello from another new member. Hope you enjoy the site. It's cool there are so many English people here. How's the snow?

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    Wow, amazing account you have there. I'm the same way of being 'half-married' with about 6 years under my belt. I've started to tell people we're getting married in 2012 so it'll be the end of the world.
    Glad to have you here. Please check out the IRC chat and all that fun stuff.

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    Croeso boyo from across the waters, well the Bristol, or should it be the Cardiff Channel. Welcome to the site, hope you have lots of fun and meet lots of new friends. Hope you manage to win a game in the 5 nations (teeheeehee)

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    Yep ... me too. Brumas Pants ... I must have bought loads from Boots in my time. Like you say Andy, they were huge ... must have been some pretty large child they had in mind when they designed them. I'm a pretty standard medium size man, and I could fit into them no problem. And they were cheap ... 2 pairs for about 1.50, I think. I used to go and get my groceries far away in Croydon on a Saturday, and always nip into Boots and go and get some Brumas Pants. I had loads of them. Great to wear just on their own - though I always have the urge to wet myself when I've got either a nappy and/or plastic pants on.

    I've liked plastic pants ... even since I was a toddler. (No kidding.)

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