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Thread: My first Layoff

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    Default My first Layoff

    I got laid off today.

    I figured this day would come, but I was suprised that when it did finally happen I wasn't angry or resentful for myself, I had kinda a calm acceptance and kept a smile on my face even as I wheeled my and my teammates toolboxes to the dock to load onto my truck. Oh the 35 on my shift 20 of us were released and another 50 from the day shift.

    I am not sure what to do now, I am an out of work Avionics tech former military man. I guess I am kinda, almost feeling like the world isnow open for me to try somehing I never done before as a profession. Maybe even move around again.

    Was wondering if anyone else is recently laid off and what advise you might lend.

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    Well I have never been laid off before, Had my hours at work slashed down to nothing so you could almost consider it a lay off working one day a week. But as for some advice there are many things to do out there. For one Until you find another job you should get your Employment Insurance, Social Security, whatever going so at least you have some money coming in. Then look at your options for things to do weight them out and see what possiblites are out there. I wish you lots of luck man and I hope things work out well for you..

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    As a guy who got layed off every nov, I loved being layed off for the winter, it gave me time to catch up on all the things I missed while other people were out having a good time during the summer when I was working 14 hours a day.

    Take some time to relax look for a job at your leisure, by the time nicer weather rolls around you will be recharged and ready to work.

    It is a good time to work on yourself, walk get into shape, get the things done you have been putting off because you have been too busy to do.

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    Sorry to hear about the lay-off, but it's good to hear that you're approaching it the way you are. That seems like a healthy attitude to have, instead of approaching it like most people would and being angry about it.

    I don't have much advice from experience, but I am hoping to move to Arizona eventually, so I'm going to be looking for a job too. Seems like the best thing to do would be to just keep an open mind, and if there are any openings in a field you think you might enjoy, you might as well give them a shot.

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    Well I am 17, but I did get laid off from my job at a landscape supply company, a seasonal layoff, but still a layoff. My situation is very different, since all my vital for life necessities are taken care of. I am using the "Down time" to catch up on my studies and learn new skills ie (Iphone app construction, web design, studying plato, and other academics) and I am working on and perfecting my business.

    You will hopefully find work soon, if not maybe try starting a business with some skills you posses, or at the very least perfect skills you already have and expand onto new ones to make yourself more lucrative.

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    I got laid off from my full time position nearly a year ago. It certainly wasn't easy (biggest hassle was health insurance. blahck!). I got a couple of part time jobs that equaled out to be full time. And, if you live in the States, part of Obama's stimulus package was to continue health insurance at your current rate for 9 months after you get laid off. This is a huge benefit and I'd check with your HR department on how to take advantage of it. It's saved me thousands of dollars, I have no doubt.

    Only advice I can give is: keep yo head up. It just makes you stronger! Trust in your abilities and your passion.

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    My hours got cut in late 2008 because things were slow at work. Then I quit that job. I was working at another job, I was in training, and then they graduated me from it. Now I am unemployed. I am hoping to be employed soon.

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    Thanks all for your supportive responses.

    If nothing eles I will go park my tool box at the end of the tar mac and hang out a sign "Will fix Avionics for Food" LOL

    I think its time I used my GI bill and went back to school. betwix that and a part time job we should be ok.

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