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Thread: How many other forums do you post at?

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    Default How many other forums do you post at?

    No need to be specific if you want to keep your internet business anonymous.

    Are you big on internt forums? Do you post on any other forum daily? Is the only forum you post at?
    Did you become a member of any other forum only to lose your interest shortly after?

    I've posted on a few forums, not all to do with infantilism, infact, must are entirely different from one another. None have been able to absorb my daily internet time as much as as I tend to stop posting after a few weeks. Being a member here for so long it puts it into perspective how much work you have to put it to become a recognised member of an internet community. It takes a long time for people to recognise and understand your personality afterall it's so much harder to express personal traits using only words on a screen.

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    I only post to adisc, although I used to be on TBN, but since I haven't been there in a couple of months I didn't count it. I am pretty active on some blogs, but none that are AB/DL related.

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    I post at 3 other forums regualrly, but I belong to several other forums as well. All of those are sports forums. I post at this one most often though.

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    Forum Whore! I've Modded/administrated 8+ forums alone, and then theres four or five others I've visited regularly.

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    Just here!

    I don't think there's any other forum that would appeal to me really. I didn't go on any forums before I found TBDL, probably because I'm not REALLY into music/films/sport/cars/etc.
    I'm not REALLY into diapers, but this is the only place to discuss this stuff.

    I don't think I've have the time to be part of many forums. Posting takes time!

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    I post on three other forums which are not related to the subject here. I have joined one related forum and one related Yahoo group very recently but haven't become anywhere as active as I am here.

    I read Adisc several times a day and go into the chat as often as I can (when I have at least a half hour to be chatty).

    This is by far the busiest of anyplace I post, and I'm really happy to be a part of it. I have learned to be helpful, compassionate and sometimes crazy in my time here, and I'll be around for as long as I can be.

    I am somewhere between forum whore and just social, leaning I guess a little to the left
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    Only this one. I'm not really big into forums in general. But, given the specialized nature of this one, and that it was the first decent place of the sort that I found, I make an exception .

    Really, I mostly use IRC for discussion. It's not uncommon for me to be on 3 diffeent networks at the same time.

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    I like forums! There is one for everything you can imagine and many things you canít. I lurked at the old TBDL no longer being a teen but am starting to join in slowly here. Iím in several other fetish groups and some alt energy (wind solar etc.) groups where I am more active. Most of my internet time is spent in about six different forums.


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    I'm a whore,.... I stop everday at a whole bunch of fourms, and make a post at most everday, I just love to talk to everyone.
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