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Thread: Limbs falling asleep?

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    Default Limbs falling asleep?

    Anyone ever have problems with limps falling asleep when sleeping? I always want to sleep while snuggling a stuffed animal but I always end up waking up a few hours later to my arms falling asleep. Is there some kind of science that I'm missing to make them not fall asleep when I do this?

    Maybe I'm just gifted with sucky circulation, lol.

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    Are you laying on your limbs, maybe? That's the only thing I can think of

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    Try not to cut off circulation, keeping the blood flow keeps your limbs awake when your asleep.

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    Yeah, I love it when that happens! I always have the best dreams when my limbs fall asleep!

    Honestly, though, try keeping body weight off of your arms -- any pressure and blood tends to decide it wants to go somewhere else. And, since you can't feel it happening, you have less opportunity to shift (because it's not painful, I'm pretty sure it just kinda bypasses any sort of passive "i should not do this no i should not" from your reflexes.). I usually notice that my limbs fall asleep when I'm sleeping on my side or 3/4 face (i.e. my chest is facing the bed but one or both of my arms is under me or under my pillow, kind of like sleeping on your side but deciding to turn over and not bothering to move your arm).

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    Happens all the time to me, man. One second I'm just snuggling with a 140-pound boy on top of you, and the next second he's sleeping peacefully and I can't feel my good leg. D:

    But yeah, try not to put any pressure on your body. If you aren't, you might wanna see an acupuncturist about that. Acupuncture helps a lot with circulation.

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    Your limbs fall asleep not because there's a lack of blood, but because there's too much blood. Your heart can pump blood into your limbs no problem even if there's pressure on the arteries. The heart does not effect the blood on the way back though, your muscles do. The vanes have valves that prevent the blood from falling away from the heart, but if your not moving there's nothing pushing the blood toward the heart. Also pressure will cut of the little bit of circulation caused by sleep twitching. The best way to get rid of it is to put the asleep limb over your heart so that gravity can bring the blood back. It usually takes my arm about a minute to get back to normal.

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    Funny this should come up, as on Sunday I went to get out of bed & my left leg was totally dead, but it wasnt being constricted or anything... :unsure:

    I fell out of the bed...oops!

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    I get it in my hand sometimes since I tend to sleep on my arms, which cause some pressure on them.
    I had it last night funnily enough, but I have never awakened because of it... Maybe it's because once I fall asleep, I'm like a tornado. I can't stay still.

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    This reminds me of the time i once woke up with both my arms and legs asleep cause i fell asleep on top of my legs on top of my arms, sorta like a vertical fetal position tuck. It just so happens that during that particular morning, one of my more rambunctious cousins decided to wake me up by screaming "FIRE" in my ear. I jumped up so fast on pure reflex i had no time to realize my body was non-existent feeling wise....

    Lets just say i fell into a lumpy heap on the floor faster then a marionette getting its strings cut ... where i once again just went back to sleep.

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    I've heard that sleeping in prone position is good for you, but I can never seem to do it. I think I change my position like twenty times before I actually manage to fall asleep.
    On that note!
    Does anyone else stuff their pillows multiple times before falling asleep?
    You know, in case the side you're sleeping on becomes to warm or uncomfty?
    Then you change the side of the pillow which is cooler?
    I do it multiple times. Gotta love pillows!

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